Two years ago I was diagnosed with mild emphysema. I was given a inhaler to use when needed. I have tried to lead a healthy life as possible and stopped smoking before being diagnosed. I feel in the last few months there has has been a change , especially going up stairs,hills ect. It's when I reach the top that it can take several minutes to get my breath back. I know that I should go back to the Doctor and maybe start medication but I am anxious to take this next step.

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2 years ago you were brave to go to doctor, do so again, there is always someone to reach out to. It is scary, know there is more help. Keep chatting on herexx

Thank you

If starting medication slows the progression and makes you feel better then it seems a sensible step. Going to see your doctor is good advice. :)

Hello esther333 . It is rather daunting isn't it? I do understand. The unknown is frightening.

The thing to remember is you are going to get help. And potentially nip in the bud any other complications that may arise if you don't get enough oxygen.

With medication the progression of disease is significantly slowed down in many cases. You'd also feel more comfortable.

It will be okay. Sending you a gentle hug.

Cas xx ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ€๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ€

Thank you for your advice, will book a doctor's appointment Monday.

Please let us know how it goes. ๐ŸŒบ

Hi there, my husband was diagnosed mild a year and a half ago. He cycles and plays table tennis and swims. We also hill walk and he finds this the hardest to do.

He takes Seebri every morning and and blue rescue inhaler. Don't worry, go to doctors and get the meds. Also remember walking uphill is strenuous on legs and they use more oxygen. Do some step exercises with either two weights or two tins of beans in both hands pumping the arms as you go. Step up, step down, step up, step down. It builds up leg muscles .

Anyway hope this helps.


Thank you for this helpful advice.

Great JP, someone else who plays table tennis. I have found that brilliant for improving my fitness. Great advice too. :)

After exercise ng you prepare a bean dish for dinner- The dish will cause the build up of unwanted compression because they were shaken not stirred

COPD will gradually over the years get worse, and things will need to change so yes go back to see your GP who will probably give you either an additional inhaler or a change of the one your on.

Yes, definitely go back to the GP. Your condition may have got a little worse - but we have just been through winter which is a tough time for many.

Do you take a puff of ventolin before you exercise? It may help, I do when I tackle the nearby hill !


Hi Good that you have given up the weed, hopefully you are still off it? You should go back to your doctor, this affliction does not go away the sooner you get the correct treatment for it the better, once the damage is done it cannot be repaired. Personal question, how old are you? a private physician may consider you for various treatments but you do have be referred by your doctor. There is stem cell treatment, lung valves, lung coils or even replacement surgery but it all depends on your wellbeing and age.

Do not waste time get down to your doctor ASAP.

Take it from a golden oldie age and fitness could be on your side do not ignore the symptoms they will not go away, if needs be even consider private treatment.


Thank you Keith

Hi esther, Its natural to feel the way you do but its not all that bad. The secret is to know your limits and when you do you will be in control of your illness. After about 16 years of COPD, I have learned that regular exercise of any kind is beneficial along with a good diet and from there you will enjoy a long and happy life until something other than copd will get you. Perhaps you just need a boost of a steroid inhaler etc. A trip to your Doc will be of benefit. Good luck/take care.

Your post has made me feel less frightened. Will make an appointment next week. Thank you.

Hi Esther, what symptoms did you have 2 years ago before you were diagnosed? I think I've been breathless going upstairs and hills for about 20 years. Didn't bother me too much then had pneumonia and diagnosed with emphysema about 10 years ago. I was given Ventolin. Lilian xxxxx

Hello Lilian, thank you for your response, my symptoms two years ago was mucus and coughing especially in the mornings. I had these symptoms for some time but was frightened to know the results. I will be going to doctor's and would like to thank everyone for their kindness in responding.

Had asthma since I was a baby so always puffed going up hills. I'm better now at 73 as I have all the inhalers. I love doing hills for the challenge but stop probably every 20 metres to catch up with my breathing

I hope you will be reassured by the doctor Esther, with the right medication you probably won't get any worse for years. Lilian xxxxx

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