ambulatory oxygen newbie

i got the three cylinders earlier this week (thanks for all those who responded to my previous thread about this) and have been easing myself into it, using it for 10-15 minutes every day while i'm exercising at home (i think the 'easing' bit is mainly about getting my head round the visibility of it).

on day one, i popped down to throw out some extra recycling and managed to get all the way back to our front door (on 3rd floor) without stopping (without the oxygen) - i've not been able to do this in a very long time (if i'm not carrying anything, i'd occasionally make it to 3rd floor without stopping half way, if i am carrying shopping/stuff, i'd have to make at least one stop up the stairs).

the following day, my partner and i went out, and on the way back i again made it all the way to the front door. today, i carried a very light bag of shopping and made it to the front door without stopping anywhere.

i'm really intrigued by this - have any of you had similar experiences?

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  • If you have been prescribed ambulatory oxygen I am baffled as to why you are not using it when ambulatory? You list distances you have 'managed' without it. Does this mean before becoming breathless? Some find oxygen helps a little with breathlessness but this is not why it is prescribed. Our bodily organs need a constant supply of oxygen and will be damaged if that supply is too low. That is why oxygen is prescribed when our saturation drops on moving around, to safeguard our internal organs. Please speak to your prescriber about moving around without it.

  • mrsmummy thanks for this, yes, i'm aware of/agree with everything you said, it just takes some getting used to is all :S

  • I have been using it for a lot of years. Believe me, you get used to it pretty quickly, especially if you keep using it. :)

  • Kevin 123 thank you so much for posting this mrsmummy ,I'm on ambulatory but it has never been explained so clearly once again thank you ⭐

  • I am really baffled at how you managed it I have a stairlift but today decided to try and climb the stairs with my oxygen believe me really wish I hadn't but congratulations take care

  • Hello southcats . I started my oxygen in December. I know what you mean about getting used to it. If you've been prescribed it , it is probably best to use it. Every time your oxygen levels drop too much you are depriving your organs of oxygen thus putting them at risk. You will get used to the oxygen. But to do that you have to keep using it. Hang in there. It gets better.

    Cas xx 🌿

  • No not at all, in fact over time I have found I can do less but assume that is the COPD getting worse. The oxygen is not there for any other reason than it is needed to safeguard organs in the body due to the fact the body is not getting what it requires for a safe life.

  • You could buy an oximeter, which you put on your finger to test your oxygen level. You can get one on the internet (about £26 perhaps). I have been told that my oxygen level should not go below 90%.

  • that's an idea, thanks sarcoid1234 will have a think. anyways, went out with the cylinder today & it was odd but not unbearably so.

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