Not such a happy birthday yesterday!

I was all set to celebrate my birthday. I've just finished a course of antibiotics and steroids so my chest is reasonable for the time being. But what happens? B....y vertigo! As I passed out during the attack, my husband rang 999. Four hours later an ambulance arrived, by which time I had stopped vomitting and was near enough ok again. The ambulance men were both very nice and very thorough, but I just wish they had been able to get to me sooner. My poor husband was in a right panic about me passing out, but it seems it may have been due to 'over stimulation of the vagal nerve' which can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure.

So, anyway, my birthday meal with the family went out of the window and so has our holiday. We were due to travel to Wiltshire tomorrow from Sussex but the Doctor I saw this morning advised against going. Bah! Humbug! Husband doesn't want to go as we would be in a fairly remote place away from doctors and hospitals. Can't say I blame him and I must say I'm still a bit shaky today so think it's the right decision to not go. But I'm still disappointed.

We were meant to be going with another couple but on Monday, the wife fell and broke her pelvis so is now in hospital. We were going to go anyway, but after 5 lots of vertigo this week, have decided that the odds are against it.

Do you ever feel the gods are conspiring against you?

Still, at least I'm not the one in hospital with a broken pelvis. Our poor friend is in for the long haul, I think. Bless her!

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So sorry to hear about your friend and you, but you have made The right decision not to go away, better safe than sorry. Hope you are better soon, and your friend. Take care ๐Ÿ˜Š xx Bernadette

Thank you, Bernadette. x

Hugs to you and your friend MoyB. Xxxxxxx

So sorry about your holiday, and your poor friend. I hope that you're feeling much better soon......not very nice, vertigo! Take care. XXX

What a shame Bernadette, has your vertigo gone? Must have been very scary. The gods are not conspiring against you, it could have happened next week, at least you are safe where you are now. Hope you're feeling better soon. Lilian xxxxxx

You are absolutely right, Lilian - it would have been worse if we'd been away. The vertigo has gone now, thanks. It was the fifth time this week so fingers crossed it leaves me alone for a while now. I usually go about 6 weeks between attacks. The doctor has given me some more pills to take for the week. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself as the very same thing happened on my birthday last year! I'm definitely going to have an 'official birthday' like the Queen in future. Nice to hear from you. x Moy

Can't you take the medication permanently to stop it happening, I had vertigo a few years ago, but only in bed! The bed was spinning around, I had to hold on to it. Tablets stopped it. Yours must be awful. Do you just pass out or can you feel yourself going? This isn't connected to COPD is it? An official birthday sounds the way to go, trick your vertigo into choosing the wrong day and it will feel so stupid it won't dare show it's face again. Lilian xxxxxx

Sorry I meant to say Moy not Bernadette, I was reading Bernadette's post. Lilian xxxxx

So sorry to hear about your holiday cancellation hope you and your friend recover soon best wishes

Thank you. I'm aware that you've been going through a much tougher time than I'm having so it's kind of you to reply. I hope you soon feel a bit better too. I was just feeling a bit sorry for myself earlier - needed a bit of a whinge! Thanks for listening. x Moy

Kevin 123 sometimes a good moan is all we need it's good to get it off your chest so we can move on bless you ๐Ÿ˜Š

And I sure did have a good moan! Thanks for listening. I'm feeling much better today.

Oh poor you, hope you both feel better soon

Thank you - I feel much better now,

Sorry to hear about your vertigo and holiday cancellation but I do hope you are feeling better now. We should be in Lanzarote at the moment but instead are just looking at English rain.

Oh dear! Did you have to cancel, too?

Oh MoyB . How dreadful for you. And four hours???? I am so sorry your birthday wasn't as planned. Hopefully you can make up for it very soon.

Sending much love.

Cas xx ๐ŸŒบ

Thank you, Cas.

Know how it feels, had a recent episode though didn't pass out . I had other problems which put me in hospital for a week. iV treatments sorted me out. Hope you get better soon. Joyce

So sorry to hear you've had it too! Mine is due to Menieres disease which I've had for about twenty years. I went for about fifteen years with no vertigo although I have become deaf in one ear now, but the vertigo came back a couple of years ago and is a real nuisance as is so unpredictable. Still, there are worse things to have so I still count myself as pretty lucky.

Sorry to hear that and hope it settles down for a few years again. I put mine down to a side effect after taking a weekly Alandronic tablet for my bones which I have been taking since falling and breaking a hip. I have learned to just take one day at a time with the things we have to put up with. Always start to feel better after treatment when I spend as much time as I can pottering about outdoors.

Now that's interesting - I started Alendronic Acid a couple of months ago. I must check the side effects. I know what you mean about taking a day at a time. You have to make the most of the good days when you get them. Now the weather is getting warm again it will be good to get outdoors and potter - you are right about it making you feel better!

It is listed as a possible side effect though I have only had it once, though did have a break of 4 weeks without it. Which my doctor knew about.

Maybe they were looking out for you to prevent something worse.

You may have a point there! Good thinking.

Hi Moyb, hope you are feeling a little better to day. It would seem this holiday was not meant to be, maybe another time. Pity about the birthday meal, could you not reorganise that for another day this week.? Shame to miss out on the whole thing. Hope today turns out better than your birthday, belated birthday wishes to you xx

I feel much better today, thanks, and we are going to make it a holiday week if we can ie not do any chores and go out and about if we can manage to. We'll try and reschedule my birthday meal too. At least it looks as though the holiday insurance might accept our claim so we won't lose all the money. If it comes through we could have a spending spree - woo hoo! There's always a silver lining.

I have Meniere's too, it comes & goes but is a pain as it's so unpredictable.

It certainly is! Hope yours doesn't play you up too often. x Moy

Ah Moy that's a shame but at least you will be able to balance the books. x

Sorry Moy, I meant to wish you a happy birthday and many more to come. I remember many years ago losing my balance. I couldn't get off the floor so the barman just left me there.

I get all the 'fun' of being drunk with none of the expense!

That really sucks - especially on your birthday - seems things definitely conspiring to keep you at home, so probly best to stay put for a while. Sending belated birthday wishes ๐ŸŽ‚

Thank you!

So sorry to hear what's happened to you and your friend. Hope you are both soon on the mend.

Thank you. x Moy

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