Hello to everyone it's foxy79

Sorry haven't been writing for few months bit I always read just wanted to say about PIP the Parliament has passes through to be checked every case individualy and decided the rate again think I know they are reviewing but didn't from where and how long this cause E.U and lots of benefits frauds hope people take care of them as pip is a big help big help take care everyone write soon again

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Hi Foxy, when did you see this about PIP? xx


I saw it few weeks ago at the Internet and news by canculer of DWP wants all cases reviewed as there's lots of fake people making claims and government losesing out lots check via Google mate

As far as I can see the Govt. thinks nearly everyone making a PIP claim is a scammer!

Hi Foxy,yes benefits are being reveiwed. But think it is DLA not PIP claims. In future there will be only PIP but at present many older people still get DLA and that is what is being reveiwed, with a suggestion that all including retired will have their disability benefits reveiwed and changed to PIP as at present their are two benefits for the same purpose.But when and if this happens is still very much a document not fact. There is a site on line than keeps upto date with all new regulations, sorry can't recall its name off hand it cost £19 a year to be a member but does offer some free news if you sign up for their email.I will look at what you say is proposed and try to check the facts . Thanks for info

Hi Foxy, hello again. Further to my earlier reply, I have now read this years proposals for PIP regulations and you are right they are being changed. According to how you cope with your illness will make a difference to how many points you get in each category, just like last year when they reduced the walking distance, some people will end up on lower money, but I guess some money is better than none. Some who get certain points will loose them on reveiw as PIP is reveiwed more frequently which might result in losing the benefit altogether. It's a bit silly to say those who manage there illness and place less cost on NHS ect will have their PIP reduced when this benefit is aimed at keeping disabled independent, in my opinion. I hope they reconsider the cost of all these reveiws in comparison to the saving and the distress caused to more vulnerable.

Hello Thanks

You have seen on it pass the message on please it's just I'm 36 and I barely know yet computer thanks you can answer thank

Will pass the word on Foxy.

I think the site you are looking for is benefitsandwork.co.uk

Thanks again for the message I found its just I'm very slow on computers skills takes all day to research

Thanks Nottobad, I'm a member but still can never remember the web address, hopeless me.

You are welcome Katie I am also a member.


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