holiday insurance for oxygen users

Yesterday i was put on l.t.o.t ( still upset )i am 70 female with very severe c.o.p.d i have just informed my holiday ins( good to go) ( for July) and the price was £234.00 ,today because of the oxygen it has incurred another charge of an extra ONE THOUSAND ,THIRTY FOUR POUNDS ,does this seem extreme ,any advise would be welcome .

thank you

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Have a look here at previous posts. Some of them are old but others much more recent.

Hi jeanmol - it certainly is worth shopping around to see if you can get a better quote.

BLF don’t have a list of insurance companies, but other people have found insurers by searching on the internet under ‘travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions’. We can’t single out any particular company as being better than another, but we do have a link with an insurance company called Fish Insurance.

We’re not recommending them and we can’t promise they’ll be the cheapest but we do know they have a lot of experience providing insurance to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

You can contact them on 0333 331 3848 or visit their website

For every policy they issue, a donation will be made to British Lung Foundation.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


BLF Helpline

Thank you Ben ,will check them out ,just wandering if its worth going on holiday with all the hassel

It'll be worth it once all this has been sorted out. I agree though, it can be a stressful and time consuming process. I hope you can find a good quote soon! :-)


just checked the fish site and of course its down ha ha

Try this one, see if this works:

Both links are connecting now. :)

yes it did thanks ,but unable to insure me said try free spirit,hope that means it is free ha ha

Perhaps you could have a look on for some other specialist insurers? Good luck jeanmol !

People recently have had reasonable quotes from Staysure. Worth a try. P

thank you

I hope you manage to find a reasonable quote for your holiday good luck xx

thank you

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