Pre-op assessment

I went for the pre-op assessment for the cardioversion today and they went through all the questions for anaesthetic. Finally got to did I have a wheeze, so I explained I had bronchiectasis and obliterative bronchiolitis. I am not sure the nurse knew what they are, also told her about the congenital heart disease return. Not sure she understood that either. However no doubt the anaesthetist will study it carefully and take precautions, the consultant will be there too. She asked me whether I understood what was going to be done so I explained that this would be my 11th and I know others here have had more, so she reckoned I probably knew more than she did. I just hope it works because I know that often they become less and less successful. I shall know by Tuesday afternoon!

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Good luck for Tuesday afternoon take care 😷

Good luck Carnival567,

Will be thinking of you on Tuesday xx

Good luck for Tuesday carnival. xx

Good luck for Tuesday. I'll be thinking of you. XXX

Thank you everyone, I appreciate your good wishes, I just hope it works. My brother is coming to visit on Wednesday for a short visit, something much nicer to look forward to!

All the best for Tuesday.

Love and hugs

Kate xxxx

All the best.

I had another CV after a long break and it was not becuase they fixed the AF but found it did not help me for long. So looking at my 4th Ablation?

Be Well

Best of luck on Tuesday Carnival, meanwhile, enjoy your time with your brother. Lilian xxxxx

Best of luck for Tuesday xx

Good luck for Tuesday.

Thank you for all your support, I shall be glad to get it over with, af is such a nuisance on top of everything else. @Offcut how did you manage to cope with 4 ablation? Mind you, although the ablation worked all right I lost so much blood from haemoptysis from what I realise was undiagnosed bronchiectasis and a severe nosebleed that I nearly died and had to have six units of blood, coupled with the fact that they lost me in the hospital I am rather off the idea of ablations. However, different hospital, different cardiologist, different ideas.

Good luck for Tuesday Carnival567.

Thank you

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