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Hi finished ciproflaxin on Monday started coughing and green mucus again yesterday spoke to matron on phone asked her if I should use rescue pack she said no because I'm immune to them Doxycillin and that she would get a sample from me on Monday Yesterday at PR assesment I mentioned it to the nurse she agreed about the abs but said get sample in today Theoxygen nurse came today couldn't do bloods because I just had infection she also said get sample in and don't take Doxycillin sample went in this afternoon doctor rang just after 6 said take the Doxycillin and steroids so I'm confused results will be 2or 3days doctor said

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They probably just needed a 'clean' sample, without any antibiotics in it. Now that you have provided one you can use the doxy whilst they complete the tests. Doxy is a good all rounder and hopefully will clobber whatever is causing you problems. If the tests show another antibiotic will work better they will switch you over but it is always better to get some form of antibiotic in there as early as possible, so I am pleased your matron was overruled. :)

Thank you Mrs mummy awful when medics disagree on your medication

Your respiratory team is probably the best guide as they specialise in respiratory disease and so have the most experience in these matters. :)

It was a pulmonary nurse who said not to take them 😷

That's right - not to take them until you got the sample in. That's good advice as is getting the sample in as fast as possible. I am very pleased you did not wait until next Monday. :)

Hi T2D. Always best to get the sample in before you start antibiotics, this gives the lab a better chance of finding out which bacteria is causing the infection. The matron doesn't mean you are immune to doxycyline, It's the bacteria which can be immune to it, not the person. There are some bugs which doxy doesn't kill off, eg pseudomonas (which gives some of us a lot of trouble.) But doxycycline can still be helpful, by reducing the inflammation in the lungs which allows the bug to thrive. Personally I think your doctor's advice is good - take the doxy, as it's a good broad-spectrum antibiotic & also has this valuable anti-inflammatory effect. Then, once the lab identifies the exact bacteria (let's hope it can), the doctor will know whether to prescribe something different.

Thanks Hanne just finished ciproflaxin on Monday was told other abs where no good to me this will be 6infections since November I am absolutley drained by it all and wondering if I do need cipro again will I have to go in hospital for IV again so all will be lost again matron. Hospice. P R. Would just be my luck. Take care

No it wouldn't be lost again, the community resp nurse can be notified of your discharge date (by the ward staff) & should be able to start all that up again pretty quickly. Many people who need those services are in & out of hospital regularly, like you've been. If you only finished the cipro on Mon, it does sound likely that you'll need more IVs. If you do go back into hospital, ask them which bacteria it is, & write it down so you can tell us. Also, ask if there's any nebulised antibiotic you could have, which you could stay on. There are a number of them which can be nebulised now.

Thanks Hanne I lost the matron when I went in on 13april I haven't seen her since she been reassigned to me she coming back 15 May i will do as you suggested thanks

Yes but she was on leave when you last came out of hospital wasn't she? Let's hope things get arranged better this time.

Good morning Hanne I came out of hospital on the 23 April she went on leave during this period .I hope they do arrange things better if I do end up hospitalised take care

Well Time. I am 75 had copd for 3 yrs now with emphasima. I live most of my time in Thailand with my wife. Been in hospital 3-5 times each year for the last 4 yrs. the Docs there do not know the effcts Anti biotics and Steroids have on you. They pump the shit into me with intravinis drips. My musles shrunk, got diabites 2, swelling feet, sore legs, you name it i got it. Try not to take the steroids or antibiotics with the name amoxy on them. Long term damage to your body. The doctors will not listen they support the big Pharma. But i bet they will not take them or give to their family. Take 2 Panadol 4 times a day.

Start taking Organc Apple Cider Vinager and little warm water 2 table spoons of each morning and night. I lived in New Zealand for 25 yrs born in Merseyside. Over the last 3 months been so much better and stopped smoking.

Thanks I know amoxycillin are absolute rubbish no good to me at all glad you have stopped smoking I will take your advice on the apple cider vinegar glad to hear you have been better of late I also have copD and told empysema last month take care

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