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please help me I need advice

Hi name is Nthabi I was diagnosed with tuberculosis 2 months ago and I have been taking my treatment right. Now the thing is that I have a very strong Sharp pain under my left rib and every time I cough or burp it shoots straight to my neck and it suddenly feels as if I have painful the clinic they say it's normal to have pains while taking the treatment but I just felt I should go through the net and find out more,that's when I came across this site.

This is starting to scare me now please help😯

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Hello please don't panic, it is normal to get some pain, but if you are really worried then go back and see your GP. Please don't go looking on the net it will only make you feel worse. If you do look on the net go on NHS site and this site. Let me know how you get on .take care 😊 xx Bernadette

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We do not have the ability to examine or diagnose you. Your doctor says you have TB and has given you a course of treatment. If you are not happy with this you should speak to your doctor. Here is a link about treatment you could use to get a dialogue going. Good luck to you.


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