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Copd results

Hi everyone it's a lovely sunny day in Essex l had my Copd test last week and it's going to be ongoing so respiratory nurse said was early stage two which is grand but l had to have an operation under my arm the next day that sadly got a nasty infection so lots of anti biotic the pain was horrendous but I'm over the worst now I also am very low on folic acid and got lots of fluid around my right ankle but apart from that lm hunky the moral of my story (or novel as you have probably. fell asleep reading it ) is Sorry l can't think of one x

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I wondered how you had been doing. Good to have a diagnosis so that you now know what you are dealing with.

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Hi at least you know what you are dealing with now, hope your arm gets better soon.xx


Thank you yes lm sure it will I hope you are having a nice day xx


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