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Change medication 3 items???

Been to see the nurse for my copd yesterday. To be told 3 of my items have been changed so from now on change of Mucadine seritide @ teatropine have all been changed.

Please excuse my spelling 😫😫

Then when I got home I had a letter from my doctor telling me it was to help manage my copd, at the bottom of the letter added money saved can be used else were in the NHS. Has anyone else had this or is it just our doctors?

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Good morning, victoriablue. I think it's going on at all surgeries, as money is very tight (though not at all tight for some NHS administrators). If the meds don't work as well for you, let them know and tell them you need to go back on what you previously had.


Hi I think this is a national thing. I have had meds changed to generic versions against my will because of cost. They work well for many but not all of us. My symbicort was changed to the generic version which is the same except the particles are smaller. I was really breathless on it and had to request a change back. The doctor did this without any problem.

Try them and see and if they aren't helping then tell your doctor/nurse.


Thank you for the replys. I was concerned more because I am going in hospital soon for a new knee and don't want to be up and down with my chest or the won't do it. Thanks again Rose 😀😀


Hi Victoriablue, agree with others it seems lots of practices are changing treatments to save NHS money. I am due to see the nurse and doctor next week concerning my drugs but for two different illnesses , I would inform you all, that the NHS constitution says treatment should be given based on individual patient need. if you have problems with alltered drugs return to surgery, as cost or what works best in the majority of case is not supposed to enter into it. I would however say in many cases we the patient might be able to use a different drug that is cheaper so it is worth a try, might even work better :) Good luck with the change but if they don't work go back to doctor/nurse.


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