So pleased with myself

My aim has been to walk to the bench, which is down the Coach Road at the bottom of our garden, and today I did it! Never thought I would do it again. Such a lovely afternoon. My daughter came with me, gave me a bit of confidence, but in future I know I can manage alone. What spurred me on was knowing I could tell you about it when I got back and knowing you would be pleased. Thank you. Lilian xxxxxxxx

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I am delighted for you ! Well done for even trying. Do it again soon won't you? It will get easier. Bless your daughter for her patience and caring enough to be with you.Lots of little blessings on you both, Polly X

Thank you Polly for your lovely message. Lots of little blessings on you too. Lilian xxxxx

Oh bless well done its fantastic to read about people reaching the goals. When we had the dogs I would set goals every week while walking them and I reached them all.

Your so lucky to live so near to the beach keep it up

Thank you O, that's my next goal - to take the dogs with me. Well done on reaching your goals. Lilian xxxxx

always remember to set realistic goals then you will achieve them good luck

Well done Lillian, I'm so pleased for you.xj

Thank you Pat, when is your appointment? Lilian xxxxx

Not until 6th June. We're off to York on Sunday for a few days to stay with my brother-in-law. I hope I manage to stay well & not over do it whilst I'm there. I guess that's my next goal! X

I love York. I can't remember, is it hilly like Bath? Don't over do it Pat you want to keep well for your appointment. Have a lovely few days. Lilian xxxxxxx

I think York is fairly flat so not too exhausting. I will pace myself.x

Well done Lillan, congratulations :)

Thank you O2. It does give you a real lift when you achieve a goal. But to be honest it wasn't all that hard I was just scared, not any more. Lilian xxxx

Good for you Lilian - there'll be no stopping you now the fear has gone :)

Oh well done, it always feels good when you actually do what you've set out to do, very pleased for you.

Thank you Magpuss, I think this lovely weather helped a lot. Lilian xxxxx

Great news Lillian glad you made it to your goal xxxx

Hello Margaret, I hope you're having a good day. One day you will be achieving your goals. I never thought I would. Talk soon. Love Lilian xxxxxx

So pleased you could manage it, must make you really happy. What is the Coach Road, it sounds interesting?

Thank you Carnival, it's just a lane really, called Coach Road, I think may villages and towns have them. Do you think it's where they used to drive coaches before they built the roads? Lilian xxxxxx

Possibly, just sounds romantic - does it have a ghostly coach? Enjoy your break.

Some say it does! Lilian xxxxx

Well done Lillian really pleased for you. What an achievement for you,you have every reason to be pleased with yourself.😊 xx Bernadette

Thank you Bernadette, I hope you are well. Lilian xxxxxx

Way to go, I remember you talking about wanting to reach the bench. Well done for a goal achieved.

Thank you 2Greys, yes, I have mentioned it before. I thought I would have to get a few PR classes behind me before I could attempt the bench. This forum is my PR at the moment, it spurs me on. Lilian xxxxxx

Congratulations Lilian. Well done on reaching that very special bench. So very pleased for you. XXX

Thank you Pam, it's funny I never thought that bench was special until I couldn't reach it. Hope you are well. Lilian xxxxxx

Fine thank you Lilian. Much better for hearing your good news. XXX

Well done! We can usually do more than we think we can and achieving it is, as you say, a pleasure and a proud moment. :)

Thank you Mrs M, I think I lacked determination, however, being on this forum has helped tremendously. Lilian xxxxx

Well done our Lilian. A personal achievement. Uplifting for you and for us.


Thank you C. A few months ago I wouldn't even have tried but I have learned the importance of exercise from all of your experiences and I am so grateful. Lilian xxxxxx

Well done.

Thank you KK. Lilian xxxxx

Fantastic! Well done Lilian, we knew you could do it 😁 Amazing what PR can do for our confidence 🌻 Xx

Thank you Sunflower. My confidence has come from you and everyone else on this forum. I won't be so timid when I start PR in July. Lilian xxxxxx

Dear Lilian226 a total 100% respect for you achieving something you really thought you'd never be able to do. Go girl.......marathon next,lol.

Congratulations !!

Thank you Squirrel. . I thought I would begin with the half marathon and work up to a full marathon. Go girl, I like that! Lilian xxxxxx

Well done Lillian, I'm so pleased for you. xxx

Thank you I, I hope you are well, if I remember you had an appointment due, I hope it went well. Lilian xxxxxx

I'm well thanks, Yes I had my pip assessment it went okay i just have to wait and see now. xx

Well done, It is lovely to hear when people succeed.

Than you Bb, what was your most recent success? Lilian xxxxxx

I gained 14 lbs Which as really helped me. Only gentle exercise at the moment due to a torn muscle in my ribs. Always brings a smile to my face when others succeed.

Hi Bessie, did you tear the muscle by coughing? I'm trying to lose 14lbs, I should imagine it's easier to lose weight than to put it on. Lilian xxxx

Gaining 14lbs as been a The muscle was torn I think by not warming up enough. I think the exercise may help you lose weight. Good luck.

Well done & congratulations Lilian for reaching your goal. See you've accomplished something you never thought you'd do again. Well done to your daughter for all her care, love and support, when you have support and encouragement... it makes all the difference. Now try and do it again soon.

Thank you Maggie, yes, it does make a difference if you have support, just needed that bit of a crutch yesterday - going to do it alone today. Lilian xxxxxx

Fantastic achievement, Lilian.

Thank you Ergendl, funny how a walk to the bench can be called a fantastic achievement, but for me it is. Lilian xxxxx

I have had days post-op when walking to the kitchen to make myself a cuppa was an achievement. You have done very well. xxx

Thank you Ergendl, now that I have done it a few times, I wonder why I fussed about it so much. I can imagine your struggle after an operation. What was the operation? Lilian xxxxx

A knee replacement op that went wrong in the aftercare stages. I still have a lot of damage in my lower right leg, but have now learnt how to walk relatively normally despite it.

Do you regret having the knee op Ergendl? Hope you don't get too much pain from it. Lilian xxxx

I don't regret having the knee op, Lilian, because I was in a lot of pain beforehand - I cried when I walked a few yards. But it left me with a different problem. I got compartment syndrome in two compartments of my lower right leg, a form of crushing injury. It scarred the muscles and damaged the nerves and blood vessels, and gave me an unresponsive dropped foot. I'm not in pain with it, but my right leg can't support me safely, and what little muscle is left tires very easily.

It sounds very uncomfortable Ergendl, I suppose it limits your exercising. Thank goodness you no longer have pain with it. I think I can put up with most things but not pain! Lilian xxxxxx

It's taken me 13 years to get back to some sort of fitness. I can walk 10,000 steps a day regularly again now, and occasionally over 20,000, but I can't stand for any length of time because I basically have to stand on one leg! Trouble is, the life of my knee replacement is 10 to 15 years, though I am trying to make sure it lasts a lot longer.

Wow Ergendl! 10,000 steps, you must be walking all day! If I walk 2,000 a day I have done very well. You must be a very strong and dedicated person, can you give a little bit of your strength to me please? Lilian xxxxxx

Two years ago I was only walking 2500 steps a day. I started with a pedometer and began to increase my daily steps, moved on to a Garmin Vivofit, and now have a Fitbit. I just set targets to try and achieve every day, and when I was managing that comfortably, I raised my target again. I was stuck on 8000 for quite a while, but now I'm managing 10,000 quite well, it may be time to raise the bar again.

I expect all through your life you have had targets Ergendl, you are a special person. I don't know many people who are doing what you do. I wouldn't raise the bar too soon. Lilian xxxxx

Well done, fantastic achievement. We need these goals to push ourselves, if you are unable to do it one day, just keep trying you will get there. It's not failure if you dont manage it,it just means today is not the day but tomorrow could be.

So pleased for you πŸ˜€

That's lovely Jummie, Thank you Lilian xxxxxxx

Well done, and thank you for sharing it with us, what a boost to your confidence.

Hello Katie, it is I who thank you, without you lovely people here that bench would be there and I would be here just wishing. Lilian xxxxx

Excellent news! xMoy

Thank you Moy. I hope you are well. Lilian xxxxxxx

Well done, a great achievement, keep going x x x

Thank you Shirley, I do intend to keep going. Lilian xxxxx

Oh you must have felt like you was a gold medal winner if you could hear me l would have been cheering you on what an example to others to try something if you don't do it at least you tried big hooray x

Thank you TeaKup, I like your name. gold medal winner!! An elderly lady struggling to walk down the lane, I suppose you could see a gold medal winner in that. I certainly felt like one. Lilian xxxxx

well done have a Gold Star - you deserve it xxx

I accept, thank you. Lilian xxxxx

What an achievement. I think we all underestimate what we can do, I know I do. Mind you when I push myself to walk just a little bit further I always regret it the next day.

I do know what you mean Helen, was a bit harder today than yesterday. Although yesterday my daughter was with me and we chatted a bit so took the mind off the breathing. Do you think having something to think about other than your breathing helps? Lilian xxxxx

Definitely. Also walking somewhere different. We have a dog and I always find it difficult taking him on the routine close to home walks, but when we're away in our caravan we do quite a lot of walking, and I actually have to make sure I don't walk too far! It's easier to walk when there are two of us and it's somewhere new!

I can understand that Helen, I have walked down that lane thousands of times with the dogs, I know every inch of it, but it changes with the seasons of course, and any other walk from where I live is slightly hilly so I stick to the lane. I expect you have a lovely time in your caravan. Lilian xxxxx

At the moment we live on the outskirts of Birmingham, and any walk from home involves walking along pavements to the park, although we are lucky to have a lot of parks and free ways within a short walk from home. When we go away we always stay in rural areas.

We live in Wiltshire in a rural area, has it's disadvantages of course, but it's lovely in the summer. My husband doesn't like walking, so mainly it's me and the dogs. I expect you have a lot of preparing to do when you go away, but well worth it. Lilian xxxxxx

We have a caravan so quite a lot of stuff stays in it. Next week we are going to Cotswolds. It's only an hour from home but our eldest son lives in Bourton on the Water so it will be nice to see him. He has a job that involves a lot of foreign travel so we don't see a lot of him.

I like Bourton on the Water. My husband was stationed at Little Rissington the RAF camp, we used to go to Bourton a lot. You will have a lovely time in the Cotswolds. Happy Caravaning! Lilian xxxxxx

Well done Lilian. You have done so well. Please be careful.πŸ˜€

Hello Annabel and thank you. I will be careful and so must you too. Lilian xxxxxx

Well done Lillian and bless you. It's fantastic when you reach a goal. Not only uplifting for yourself, but inspiring for others reading of your achievement, and knowing that if you set your mind on something it is truly possible. Carolx

Thank you Carol, anyone reading this and didn't have our problems, would wonder what all the fuss was about a little walk, little do they know. Bless you too. Lilian xxxxx

Well done Lilian. In time you will probably be able to go further. Keep up your confidence and you will be rewarded.

Thank you S. Lilian xxxx

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