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Fun support singing wiganwarblers

Wiganwarblers we meet weekly in informal settings - and are based firmly in the BLF approved warm-up postures and practices of the singing4breathing training.

But we like to think we are a tiny bit different. Don't expect a formal choir or aridged format. We are run exclusively by people who are living with COPD ASTHMA and family members for people touched bu these conditions . Our meetings are social meetings as much as a singing group.

Indeed you could say we're inbetween a Breatheasy & the regularsinging4breathing group. We like to leave the diagnosis at the door.

We welcome anyone who plays a instrument or loves a singalong we're not out to steal the show.

So check us out we're in the support in your area section We would love you to pop in

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Thanks for reminding people about the wonderful singing groups that can help people with lung conditions through singing as exercise. There are some great singing groups listed on the British Lung Foundation website. If you're not in the Wigan area, you may find something closer to you, like the one I run in Crewe.

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Their great fun and make a huge difference. Friendsship and gets us out of the house.

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