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Low oxygen levels / pneumonia advice please!

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I was in hospital a couple of weeks ago for a week as I had pneumonia and couldn't maintain my oxygen levels. I had oxygen levels of below 92 for at least a week before being admitted with 86% and on discharge my oxygen levels were still 87%. After finishing my antibiotics and a couple of weeks rest I feel a good improvement but I've found that my eye site has gotten a lot worse since being ill and I also have a terrible memory and find it very hard to focus. Does anyone know if this could be in relation to the oxygen levels? (Oxygen levels now are normal) And if so will the symptoms improve with time?

Many thanks for reading and any replies in advance xxx

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First thing I would suggest is get your eyes tested to see if there are physical reasons for your problems. Secondly from my experience of pneumonia it did take a long while to recover both physically and mentally. You are only a few weeks post discharge and I think you need to give it more time. Obviously discuss your concerns with your GP but I think you may be expecting too much so soon after having pneumonia.

Hello my name is foxy79

Reply to brook about memory loss and eye sight yes day by day as you adapt with your oxygen and medicine it will steady won't improve much but it will come as steady mate even know I forget soo much and have vision problems watery eye sight it will resolve in time as you get use to it brook hope you feel better best of luck foxy79

I agree with Badbessie much to early. However anything out of the norm should be flagged to the doctor so they are aware and can deal if needed. I have short term memory problems but I was on an oscillator for 10 days and a very long stay in ICU. It can take up to 6 months to get memory back to normal.

It can take a long time to recover from Pneumonia and ICU. Be patient and follow all the guidance from Community Matrons visiting you (I hope) and your Doc and or respiratory team. You will get better I am sure with patience and perseverance and support. Best of luck.

Thank you. haha no community visits and doctors are useless! but am slowly getting better so i'm sure perseverance is key as you say.

I recently had pneumonia and after discharge from hospital I was so weak I could not even make a cup of tea even after 2 weeks I weren't much better so I contacted my dr and was told it would take at least 6weeks to start feeling better, y sight was not affected so I should get medical advise. I hope you will soon feel better and get the answers you need. This is a good forum for advise

Love Sue

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im sorry to hear that :( thank you for the support and advice xxx

go back to your drs. l had the same thing for a while .l am now having my thyroid checked.it can tell alot of what your body is trying to tell u.l go for a biopsy tomorrow.they first did one other test now another just to be safe.

hey thanks for replying. i recently had my thyroid checked my tsh was normal but t3 and t4 are very low, doctors are refusing to do anything though unfortunately unless my tsh climbs. good luck tomorrow with your biopsy xxx

My eyes have gone terrible only had new glasses Nov last year and now need stronger ones and as for my memory I thought that was just my age lol

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