Made it to the hospice I had accupuncture to try and help with the sweats 5 needles in each ear for 45 minutes said would need quite a few sessions and it doesn't work for everybody can but hope also I had 3 studs placed in upper chest left in to twiddle with when I feeling anxious or breathing bad have been giving it a good work out tonight .Also I had my hair cut and coloured first time since before oxygen .Tommorrow I have to go to psychiatrist then for PR assesment I'm getting really stressed

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Things are moving forward which is good and l hope you are pleased with your hair. Xxxxx

Thank you sassy xxx

Delighted to hear your news T2. It definitely sounds more positive. L

Thanks. Just at momment a bit overwhelmed by it all

Well done Margaret

Take care


Thank you Dorothy them studs in my chest are Definitley getting a work out tonight xx

Glad you are finding things to help you x been thinking of you and sending love xx🐝.

Thank you so much xx

Good to hear an update from you. I always thing a good hair cut lifts any mood, even if just a tiny bit. It's good to hear some positivity in your post. I'm wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow; you take care of yourself. Xx

Thank you wish I could say I felt more positive baby steps my hubby says xx

You are doing so well! A day out, a hairdo and some help with pain relief. You should be so proud of yourself for going and participating. Use the studs as often as you need to. Every step is a step forward. Well done. :)

Thanks Mrs mummy tried to be a bit more positive but it is not going to be easy as I know will be using the studs quite a bit

One day at a time T2D, try and relax and just go with the flow xx

Wish that I could honestly don't know if I will ever be able to I do admire people who cope xx

Sounds like progress to me. All steps in the right direction. Well done.

K xxx

Thanks but how do I learn to cope with the oxygen until I can I'm at a loss xxxxI

Hope these treatments help, but sometimes just trying something can reduce the stress a little. Now they say having your hair done works wonders for the moral, so hope it perks you up, I go once a fortnight as I can't do my own due to shoulder joint problems, the PR assessment will help assess your health status so don't worry too much, it is a bit stress invoking as you meet new nurses ect but think of all those new people you may meet with problems like yourself Hope all goes well for you today, take care, best wishes xx

Thanks Katie I'm pretty stressed as it is it was nice getting my hair done and I am worried about the PR asses,mento what I really need is someone who can help me accept the oxygen God knows when or if that will happen xxx

maybe the PR can help you accept having oxygen , I know its not easy to accept health deterrioration, but the oxygen will help you keep a little more mobile once your needs are sorted. How can I help your stress, the oxygen will give you more mobility than being without it if you need it. It is more important for you to have the treatment needed if possible. Hope all went well today or at least not as bad as you anticipated. xxx

Thanks Katie although I was worried about the PR I am hopeful that I will be able to complete it the room gym was a good size was told there would be 6or 7 others there so it will not be claustrophobic although we might have to sleep in the car park to get a space lol .I hope you have managed to get your phone sorted and also you. Have got rid of the slugs xxx

Glad you feel more confident about the PR, mine did not work wonders but it at least determined I was ill but not maybe as bad as some. Spaces are rare to find for PR, reflects how many have lung disease. In reply to your questions Margaret, I sort of got my mobile working, the sim works in a large button none Samsung phone, but does not allow me to use internet or a camera ect. So I am paying £10 26 a month for only half a package if that makes sense. No joy on the health front , appointments next week but what can you solve in ten minutes when you have a bundle of problems other than going to the GP everyday to get to the bottom of it, which does not happen as you are restricted on amount of appointments in a month I beleive for chronic routine illness. One ray of hope got the snails sorted so my plants are thriving for now & it keeps the slugs at bay too. There is a splash of colouir in the pots now, should get more as months role on. Take care have as gooder day as you can xx

Sorry to hear about doctors appointment couldn't they give you a double slot I know some Gps have that system not mine now though used to What a nuisance your phone carry on .Glad to hear you have had success on the slugs and snail problem horrid creatures .I can't understand how I did so well on the walk at assesment and sats and heart rate where good but this morning going to bathroom from bed sats dropped into the 70s and heart rate 134 don't get it oxygen nurse coming will ask her. Have a good day xxx

Dear T2D, here it is 2:30 AM on the east coast & I am reading your post twice - laughing both times! You are an inspiration to me. Your sense of awareness is a hoot. Thank you - Large hug. winterhill

I wouldn't class me as a inspiration but thank you I'm afraid I'm still struggling with the oxygen but thank you xx

At last something is being done for you. I hope all goes well, you seem to have had a busy day, just think how you were and how well you are doing. xx

I wish busy day had led to a good nights sleep wish I could just adapt to using oxygen then maybe xxx


Wow what a achievement, I'm so proud of you, all that you have gone through and coped with is amazing. Having hair done always makes us feel good. My hair colour and cut is due later this week. Not been out much since I was in hospital, but this is one appointment I will defiantly be keeping. Keep smiling my lovely 😀😀

Hope you are feeling a lot better and Definitley get your hair done I wish I could be proud of me I know I need to accept that I am on oxygen for life but I just don't know how to xxx

I hope the acupuncture works well for you, I've heard of people having some very good results from it. You're doing well aren't you, you've been out to the hospice and the hairdressers, I think you did really well going to have your hair done, you ought to be very pleased with yourself for doing that. I hope today goes as well for you but don't forget - just going out and getting there, means you're moving in the right direction. Good luck for today!

The hairdressers was in the hospice I hope the accupuncture does work didn't last night but need several treatments I wish I could get a magic pill that would let me accept I'm on oxygen bit more stress today I have to decide if I'm going to continue seeing psychiatrist at her office or I have been offered councilling at home with mind all pressure

Well done Margaret. So pleased to read about the progress you have made. There are no magic pills unfortunately, but there are magic thoughts. Convince yourself that you can and will do something and it magically happens! ;-)

Thanks Don 😷

I know it may feel as if nothing is getting any better, but as an outsider reading your posts you are making progress - remember little steps.

Thank you Helen

Fingers and toes crossed A positive day especially the hair. At least that must feel like little blast of fresh air.I do hope you feel a little better soon tiny steps as others have said xx

Thanks the hair Definitley needed attention xx

Evening! You've coped so well with such a busy day, you should be patting yourself on the back! I understand what its like,going somewhere relatively new to you and spending time with people you've only met before,for a few mins. You've done so,so blooming well. Proud of you!

Thank you it has been a busy week so far and like you say bit daunting spending time with relative strangers got the blue badge yesterday that seemed sort of final if you know what I mean .been having a good fiddle with the studs in my chest must say they are a bit sore .Im hoping that after a few more sessions to get the sweats under control as yet no joy but didn't expect it yet if it does work perhaps you could think about it xx

Oh once you give me the thumbs up with the swiddling thingies,I'll be out to get some for myself.

Did it free Frank for a few hours to have a bit of "man" time?

Hope you get better sleep tonight.

Frank got a few hours reprieve lol yes let's both hope for a sweat and freeze. Free night and a decent sleep wouldn't that be something

OMG,wouldn't that just be heaven!?!? I'd even settle for just no sweats- that'd do me for starters! My God ,I'm sounding as if I'm about 90 years old already.


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