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Fathers asbestosis progressing very worried


My father was diagnosed with Asbestosis 3 years ago but since February this year he has been in a lot of pain, chest his side's by his rib cage andback.First of all his doctors had said he pulled a muscle and then they gave him antibiotics and said it was an infection which it wasn't it's plain to see it's the progression of the disease.

He's quite breathless now and can hardly walk any distance and all the doctors are doing is said take paracetamol I'm at my wits end I can't speak to his doctor because of patient confidentiality and my father being old school man won't tell me nothing.

I don't know which way to turn I've suggested he get Sue Ryder Nurses in but obviously the docs have to approve it hes in alot of pain and i really need some advice on which way to go.

Thanks Dale

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Hi Dale sorry to hear about your dad's condition we have a few members on hear with asbestosis that might be able to help.

Have you thought of talking to his GP they wont discuss your dads medical conditions with you but you could tell him of your concerns

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My hubby has asbestosis, the antibiotics he takes when he has an infection are always taken with steroids which help with the breathing. You can make an appointment with the GP and speak about what you can do to help him and ask about learning what symptoms to look and ask about pulmonary rehab. I do not know about your area but here in Somerset the hospice are self referral, the physios there are absolutely brilliant. He should have a consultant really, ours gave us the antibiotic that you take 3 times a week which has really been a godsend. My hubby was diagnosed 9 years ago and was, as you describe, at the beginning of the end, we moved to a cleaner air area which really helped, he has pulmonary rehab and we have carried this on with daily walks etc. I found lots of info on food which is better for the mucus (that reminds me if he has a lot of mucus ask about Carbocisteine tablets) and this year for the first time in 9 years our consultant said "you are doing so well, I will see you in a year". If you need to talk to someone please pm me.



You are describing my symptoms and I was diagnosed with asbestosis 4 years ago (but it has taken me all that time to prove that it is asbestosis and not IPF -For legal reasons). I have deteriorated a lot over the past year and like your father get very breathless easily and coughing up mucus all the time which absolutely drains me to a point where oxygen levels drop to as low as 61% My transfer rate is 31% .- at the moment medication wise I take Carbocistiene to loosen up mucus and use a nebuliser when required. I also take 'DuoResp Spiromax inhaler twice daily to open airways. Also because my Ferritin Levels are through the roof (has your father had his checked?)due to inflammation in my lungs I take Mycophenalate (MMF). For discomfort at first I was put on oramorph but found it slowed my breathing down, which is not good for me so I just use paracetamol on a daily basis. Finally as I rarely go outside I take Adcal for vitamin C & D

It might be wise to have your fathers Ferritin checked as it might indicate inflammation of the lung ?

Hope this helps and please feel free to contact me should you require further info

Take care


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Hi Plumbob good to see you did they get that planning permission to build the houses at the back of you

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Hope your keeping well Onamission ?

Sadly after three refusals by the Council the developers went to the Government who overturned the decision and granted permission I have been watching lorries going up and down the field today delivering materials as phase one has started this week :( On top of everything else they have been given permission to re-route the main road into the village to 18 metres from my house so there will be no peace ?

It's actually happening right outside my front window as there is just a small path and no road !! The wildlife has recently been out in abundance lately lets see how long before they are chased from their habitat :(

Keep sucking it in


sorry to hear that pluumbbob same thing happening with a friend building right up to and all around his house so frustrating

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Oh dear Plumbob, I read this with deep sympathy for you.

Last year my neighbours and ourselves fought an application for 20 houses at the back of us in a field that has been home to wildlife and often horses for45 years so I really feel for you having all this outside your window. We would have had a road along the back of our bungalow to the new development and just 4 metres from our fence.

I can imagine the upset this is causing you and the wildlife.

So unfair !

We won but only for now....They can apply again in four years and am sure they will get it next time....Saving grace this time was that it used to be a gravel pit and when fifty years is up they can build on it.

The noise and dust is not going to do you any good there....Hope you have double glazing at least.

This will be incredibly stressful, bet the powers that be didn't consider that !



We invited the Government Inspector around to our house during the course of the public meeting -he turned up and sympathised with us then just carried on to permit planning permission - Grrr

We have ducks that return to our lawn every year as they know they get fed(most we had was 20 and it's not a big lawn)last week one cheeky female actually stood on the window cill ( got a pic) and tapped her beak on the front window as there was no food out for them !!! it was so funny :)

All that will go they won't be back again :( The annoying thing is that there is a lot of brown field sites around us but that reduces the profit margins ??

Take care


If GP won't check Ferritin you can get a home test kit from medichecks....It is a fingerprint test so very easy. Post it back, results in 3 to 4 days.

Didn't know that Ellj Thanks for the info

Very welcome Plumbob, I have used the company for several blood tests and you get a helpful comments bit from a GP with results.

Have found them reliable.


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