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Hello everyone, I've not been on the site for some time, had a lot of problems, but not too bad at the moment. My Daughter works in the caring profession and has met a man who has C O P D. His Daughter is a nurse and has recommended hempseed oil, which he has been taking and has seen an improvement. I've had a look for it online, and see it can be bought in unrefined cold pressed oil or capsules. Does anyone know if there is a difference in benefits, or which is best to use ?



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  • There is some reading here.


  • Thanks, very interesting, I will do a little more research before deciding.

  • Hi CELAT06, just to say Hemp Oil is not the same as Cannabis Oil......I bought some cold pressed Hemp Oil in Tesco last year to try.....but its difficult to know if it made any difference.

    Best check if it interacts with any medications first....it is said to be an anticoagulant, the Internet will tell you what other side effects it may have.

    Mine was in special offer, but the price has gone up now.

  • Thank you Knitter, I will check that out.

  • Had a look into this re IPF - more from scientific interest rather than with a view to taking it. Very little scientific rationale just occasional anecdotal reports which suggest it might well work in a very small number of people. Its also a nightmare area trying to find the right version to take (if there is one) - there are so many forms and so little information that you are left to just hope what you are taking was what other people took and that it has more benefits than risks. Hope you have more luck with your research

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