Role reversal?

I am going to have to be a carer soon, for a short while. Sharon is going to have an operation on her, dominant, left hand. She will be out of action for 4 weeks. This is going to be a bit of a challenge/test for me, with trying to do some work too.

She is also waiting for a CT Scan on her bowels following an urgent appointment to see a consultant. Trying times, I am so pleased that I have improved my own condition somewhat before all this has happened, I feel confident that I should be able to cope OK now. Had all this happened 6 months ago I would have been panicking somewhat, as to how we would manage.

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All the best, 2greys. Hope Sharon is soon back to her best again, and good luck in your new role. I'm sure you'll manage very well.

Wishing Sharon the best of luck with the operation and investigations. Hope that all goes well. I'm sure that you'll cope admirably. 😊

Sorry to read this about Sharon, I hope all turns out well. Watch you don't overdo it and lose some of the ground you've gained.

Hope everything goes ok for both of you

I was in a similar position. Thanks to a caring husband, we led a busy life, going out on trips. My husband was also interested in cooking, too. He gave me loads of support on a daily basis.

Then Brian got terminal cancer prostate. Over a period of time, we reversed who was carer. We both had attendance allowance. I was put on Azithromycin to fend off any infections that could be passed on to Brian. I cared for him for 7 months before he was admitted to hospital. I had wonderful support from social services, hospice etc. In the middle of this, a house move.

All the best for Sharon's speedy recovery. XX

2grey we are all here if you need us in some way or a nother just take your time dojng things

In the same situation 2 Grey's. Better half recovering from carpel tunnel release. When she recovers they are going to redo other hand.

Hi 2greys, I'm sure it will be challenge for you, but I am also sure you will get on with it and manage brilliantly,xxx

I am sure you will manage 2greys I did, my hubby was my carer until he suddenly lost his sight and the tables were turned, we do struggle at times, pick the things we need to do and leave those that we don't.

I hope Sharon's operating goes well and recovers quickly.

take care

polly xx

Wishing you both the very best of luck and hope Sharon is back to good health very soon.

Thank you for your replies, If others can/have done it then so can I. All I have to do is to try to synchronise Sharon's hibernation times with my work, job done 🙂

I'm sure you'll cope but don't overdo it or then you'll both need carers. Hope Sharon's operation goes well and that she's not incapacitated for too long.

You will be just fine with it no overdoing though hugs from over the water to you both x

Hope Sharon's operation & CT scan go well and I'm sure you'll do a good job of caring for her (don't forget housework etc doesn't have to be perfect). Good luck with everything & well done for improving your own condition so you're now able to cope with this xx

You can only do what you are able to do daily I do the important things the rest might get done in the week might not I just take each day as it comes. Remember you are there for her that is the most important thing good luck XC

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