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Hi new to COPD I am a 57 year old female got diagnosed last year. Since December have had a flare up taken so many antibiotics and steroids combined. Have had palpitations on and off since then but last week blood pressure went to 170/100 and heart racing quite bad. Been resting at home and now got it down to 137/95 wondering if this is a new stage to COPD. Had loads of blood tests to check thyroid etc just waiting for results. Having 24 hour heart monitor soon. Anyone have any ideas or advise much appreciated.

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Hi, Susie_Smith, and welcome to the site. My GP's been working hard to get my high blood pressure down - not sure if it's linked to my COPD but I do have some fluid retention and swollen ankles. It sounds as if your GP is doing all the right things to find out what is wrong with you. You may find this leaflet from the British Heart Foundation useful for information about the issue:

All the best.

Thank you very much

Hello Susie and welcome to the group. I don't know if your blood pressure issues are related to your COPD, but a great way to get your blood pressure down is to walk every day for about 20 minutes minimum, and go a little further each day.

Good luck with the tests and take care. Pam XXX

Hi Pam thank you. I am one to walk everywhere at the moment how I am feeling any exercise makes me unsteady sure this will improve especially when results come back

I do hope so Susie. Good luck with it and I hope that you're feeling much better soon. XXX

Thank you

Hi Susie nice to hear from you. I also suffer with high blood pressure but u don't think it's anything to do with my COPD. Hope you are. feeling well today, take care 😊 xx Bernadette

Hi Bernadette, thank you, am wondering if it is thyroid related in that case as always suffered low BP

It could well be the reason for your

Thank you have you experienced this? Xx

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