A bit normality

Thank you all that left comments on my last post. I have been to a boot sale today. Was flipping freezing, windy, on the sea front. You know what though, I enjoyed it. The wind felt great. Only problem I had was I had to use my walking stick. I'm not used to it yet. My feet have arthritis in, as well as gout. Over the last 2wks my left foot as drove me crazy. My right foot as naturally taken the hit. So stick it was. Not sure how many people I hit with it. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. Feel a lot better emotionally today.

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  • Good for you for getting out there. :)

  • Hello Sonsafc

    Well done for getting out and about and keeping your self occupied it really is good therapy

    and helps to think of other things

    Best regards


  • Glad you had a better day today and got out and about. Arthritis is so painful and my left foot has come out in sympathy with yours. Xxxxx

  • Glad you had a good day

  • That's great news. Good for you !

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