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Lingering infections?


A lot of people talk on here about having lingering infections. Obviously you can't know for certain until are tested but are there any signs of a lingering infection? Mild fever or coloured phlegm etc?

Despite trying multiple different inhalers I can't seem to get my symptoms under control. This constant ache in my right lung keeps returning and along with repeated bouts of SOB at rest, my symptoms just don't correlate with my FEV. I had no symptoms prior to this flare and now I can't sit in a chair without getting SOB nor can I lie down. My exercise capacity is still very high though.

Basically, how does a lingering infection differ from normal daily symptons for people? Or is this just to be accepted as my new normal? I just don't seem to be getting any benefit from any of my medication or exercise and I am finding it in credibly frustrating.



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I am wondering if you have bronchiectasis, which can lead to chest infections? You cold ring the BLF nurse and have a chat with her. And go to your GP, who could refer you to a consultant. Your meds and inhalers might need reviewing. X


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