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ild centre wythenshaw hospital

good evening all.has anybody had recent experience of this establishment.I have done a little research and they appear to be in the premier league for lung desease treatment in the greater manchester area.

i have finally managed to pursuade my gp to fax in an urgent referal for me. it may be a bit out of the way for me but i would rather be in the hands of a centre of excellence as opposed to a sticking plaster hospital.

also just to complicate matters where you,if required,able to access cardiology assesment for such things as pulmonary hypertension within the same centre.

good luck and health to all.xx

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Your nearest Pulmonary Hypertension Centre is the Pulmonary Vascular Disease Unit at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. There are five of these centres the UK, and the Sheffield one is the largest. The catchment area is huge: Isle of Man, Northern England and all the way down to Birmingham and Leicester. To get to it you would need a referral from a consultant and the consultant would need some strong-ish evidence that you had PH. This would usually be picked up from an Echocardiogram which can look at the tricuspid regurgitant jet to estimate what the pressures are in the right heart. There might also be some distension in the right heart. Do you have any evidence that you have PH? It is complicated because the symptoms of PH are exertional breathlessness, chest pain and in the later stages possibly fainting. So very similar to chest conditions. COPD can certainly cause PH, in that case it is often mild, but not invariably.

Good luck.



hello my dear,just want to eliminate the possibility.recurrent high bp which i have never had and my rapid desaturation levels on exertion and thier relatively rapid returns to normal would suggest i am putting right side of my heart under a great deal of strain,gold standard as you say is echocardiogram and possibly haematological studies but as you know the waiting lists for these sorts of investigations can be quite long.Haven,t fainted yet but sometimes i feel like i have grown another rib just under my lower left rib accompanied with the breathlessness.Hey ho might just be a thorasic aorta annuerism or maybe its an alien.i am sure Tameside hospital have a plaster that will fit.Can you do me an amusing cartoon themed on blood pressure?

regards and double good luck



Hmmmph...... i'll think about it, or rather I won't think about it. The best ideas kind of slide into one's vision by the back door when you aren't looking.

Echoes are two a penny. Some GP practices have the equipment. That would be the first port of call. Cheap and cheerful. If there were any concerns from that the next test would/should be right heart catheterisation. Catheter put down the jugular vein into the right heart and down into the pulmonary artery. The waiting time for any of these shouldn't be long as PH is a serious condition.

Look after yourself

Kate x


i am having to do my own bp checks twice a day and keep a log.My surgery cant even arrange ambulatory 24 bp monitoring without a letter from whatever diety you believe in.You can do an EEG in surgery but when they connect up on the landline to the centre in manchester who do the monitoring and analasyis you have to put in threepence and push button A of B if you can,t connect,Echo cardiogram.i don,t even think they know what one is,the nearest they get to ultrasound is radio Piccadily.life a laugh ain,t it.x


Systemic BP is not related to PH. Two separate systems. PH is only in the lungs.



i am just happy that finally i will get to see a decent consultant in a decent hospital who will hopefully investigate my lung disease using whatever tools he believes will best evalate its progression.Idealy i would like a high imaging ct scan done as i know from Cecilias diagnosis x rays were not very good at looking at things in detail.On one occassion her consultant even missed an existing PE untill i bullied him into getting the Ct done.even then he was prepared for Cecilia to wait another 4 weeks to get it.Thankfully Cecilia worked in radiology and we got the CT done the next day and hey presto straight out of the scanner and into A&E and straight onto the antibiotics and straight on to rivaroxaban to thin out her blood,but as you know Katinka from your own unfortunate Multi PE experience,unless people move swiftly things can get very serious very quickly;

Sorry i have slightly digressed from Pulmonary Hypertension.i think hopefully i am only stage 1 or 2 hypertension which is a lot easier to treat with dietry and lifestyle changes and possibly appropriate medicine.Best wishes to all

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So glad you are going to get the right treatment. It makes all the difference in the world to have good doctors.


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