Using Oxygen in a caravan

I was just about to book a static caravan for a holiday with my husband who has COPD/Emphysema when it suddenly occurred to me that you may not be able to have an oxygen concentrator in a caravan where there is a gas fire, gas stove & water heater. I know I've read in the forum of people who regularly holiday in caravans, but then they may not be on oxygen? I'd be be so grateful if someone could let me know - I'll be gutted if we can't use a caravan now he's on oxygen. But then at least I haven't actually booked it yet! . Would it make any difference if he used the portable concentrator rather than the big one that the oxygen company installs? I'm really hoping for some good news on this.

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I've now found some earlier posts on this subject, but most refer to touring caravans, not big ones on site. It seems people tend use portable concentrators, but I can't really see how it would make much difference as it's still producing oxygen. I could possibly get by with just using the microwave & electric kettle, but we'd certainly need to have the fire on at some stage as he feels the cold terribly plus of course the hot water heater. I'm assuming that most static caravans still use calor gas as it's probably cheaper than having electric fires in them.

Caravan gas heaters both water and fires are vented outside I e no naked flame is inside.


There should be no problem using a portable unit,

Is there any covered outside space to install the static unit.

We'd be renting one through Haven/Parkdean or whoever on a holiday park so there'd wouldn't be be anywhere outside under cover. Would it be safe to use the gas appliances in the van whilst using the portable concentrator though?


You will be using pulse delivery system which is less of a concern than continuous.

The issue with medical oxygen is saturation, which is less likely with a pulse system than with a continuous supply system which is still releasing oxygen on the exhale.

Sorry my imagination runs wild a spark and exhale,suggest you go to Wales they have many dragons..

The rain in Wales would soon put a fire out!

Yes you can i use to rent caravans out for a long time and we use to have regalar custorms one twice a year as most people do not use the gas fires this time of year if you use a fire this time of year take a elect radiator a thin on or a alijen fire .

To be safe, check it out with your oxygen supplier.

I used an oxygen concentrator in our caravan. I Just ensure its switched of when the gas hob or oven is lit if I am in the kitchen/lounge area. Or I go into the bedroom shut the door, open the window and chill. Great to have dinner made for me for a change. So don't worry you can have oxygen in a caravan just follow some simple rules. And stay safe. Enjoy.

You say nice to be cooked for, so how do you cook at home. Please let me know as I am on oxygen. Thank you

Hi ol-ly11 I use a slow cooker and microwave its amazing what you can cook and bake in both. If I have to use the gas hob I prep everything turn OFF my oxygen turn on hob open the windows, close door and retreat to lounge. This means I am only without oxygen for a few minutes my stats do drop but they also come up reasonably quickly again as it's a very short time without oxygen . I always turn off the oxygen when I check the food on the hob. Please be careful. This works for me but may not work for you. Good luck.

Thank you. That is very helpful.

I regularly holiday on a Haven site and am on oxygen 21/24. I ring my oxygen suppliers (Air Liquide) about a week before I go and book a delivery to my holiday site. As long as the holiday is in their region then they deliver the equipment on the day you arrive and collect the day you leave. Haven are very good as they take it to your caravan before you arrive. I have only once had a problem and that was when I went out of area and another oxygen company only delivered the liquid oxygen tank but no concentrator. Have a lovely holiday. Keep Smiling.


I have had holidays where I have rented a caravan and indeed shall be staying in one this July with Haven in Cornwall and my oxygen supplier delivers a concentrator machine and also bottles for going out and about for my use with no problem at all

First time I have made a comment Hello guys !!! Xxxx I have just come back from 10 days in a static caravan Marton mere at Blackpool and my oxygen supplier delivered me a large concentrator no problem , I have to use a bipap as well so my small pulse concentrator was no good with my bipap , hope this helps and you have a brilliant time !!! Xxxx

Welcome Caz & thanks for your response.I haven't been in a static van for a few years.What sort of heating was in yours - gas or electric? We're likely to have the fire on quite a bit as my husband really feels the cold. I'm going to ring our oxygen supplier and ask their advice, but it's so helpful to get everyone's comments as it raises issues I may not have thought of.

Hi hunny , it was a gas fire which we had on a lot!! Kept windows open for ventilation and electric panel heaters in the bedroom hope this helps xxx

I Caravanned all my life and until recently my caravan had duel hook ups elec and water.. Take it up with the owner to remove the Gas cylinders and you should be left with electric for shower, fire, kettle ,microwave ,heating and lighting, plus sockets for hair dryer etc.. Be careful if you visit other caravans. Have a great time.

Haven park sites seem so much better for facilities than PARK HOLIDAYS

I would Not Recomemd PARK HOLIDAYS

The main aim there is to con the owners ..


Be careful which site you book with

Hi, it's fine to take portable oxygen cylinders to a static caravan on a holiday park. I have been taking my 2 large cylinders with me for over 6 years and to different caravan parks ie, parkdean/haven etc. All I do is notify park by phone that ill have oxygen cylinders in the caravan in advance and they are absolutely fine. I normally have 1 in the lounge and 1 in the bedroom.

I hope this helps. .have a lovely holiday..Helen

Hi I should add that I normally make sure fire or gas is not on at time of use, or if they are, and I need my oxygen, ill go into the bedroom which have radiators to use my oxygen..The parks gave no guidelines, all have said it's totally fine..its just my own sense of security that I do the above..Helen

I have a static caravan and for the last six years have had an oxygen concentrator in it as I use oxygen 24-7. I use it just same as at home.

if in uk your oxygen supplier will put a concentrator in caravan for duration of your holiday

Thank you so much to everyone who has responded to my query re using oxygen in a caravan. Based on all the info I've received I have now gone ahead and booked a static van (top of the range - very posh!!) for a week at a Haven site. This is a really good example of how helpful it is to be able to share opinions, ideas and thoughts with others in a similar situation - a real confidence booster. Thank you again.

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