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Remedies for Muscle Spasm cause by Pneumonia

Hi! I'm Maria from Philippines. My husband was diagnosed with consolidated pneumonia. He was admitted in the hospital for a week. After he was discharged, he do still have to take a lot of mesicines for a month. Now, he's still suffering pain in his right part of his ribcage. His doctor said it was just muscle spasm cause of coughing. Is there any remedies you think we can do to lessen the pain?

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Hot water bottle or deep heat cream ... Could even try paracetamol

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Massage the sore bit - put your fingers in the soft bit between the hard ribs, and rotate gently without lifting your fingers. It will be sore but it will ease the muscle spasm.

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As a retired MCSP , Ihave long term Ling conditions ,

I have found -The Flutter pipe "


A weekly soft tissue treAtment is really needed


However you must find this yourself ..

Look for a

Sarling Educational Body Mechanics Physical Therapist to help you


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