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Lung Obstruction From Smoking Cessation

Well i lasted week before i started smoking again NOT via CHOUSE but in order to preserve my life.

Well seen my GP about stoping smoking kicking up lung plaque material causing airways lung obstruction's

Asked for xray as my right lung don't feel right given obstruction and more breathless with know signs of infection.

He told me my lungs sound clear with no whistle or crackles and told me lung obstructions can cause server pain AND told me if thats happing you will have to cut down.

I or two a day ... as to fixes and how to stop it happing he said i will just have to cut down.

Then asked about xray again AND doctor told me my lung doc will be doing ct scan again in june given issues had having.

Am just glad i coughed up what ever was AS pain from blocked airway is not recommended.

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Oh JAS what can l say! Stay well. Xxx

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Hi Sassy Was horrendous pain a breath away from phoning ambulance.

Made me glad had two lung given one was blocked obstructed.

Was doing well really till all juice kicked crap up

I used that excuse twice before I stopped!

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Hi cheers wish it was BUT defo agree a need to stop.

Ya bushed if ya do and bushed if you don't

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mrsmummy in reply to

You'll do it. Just keep trying. :)

Maybe now the blockage is cleared you can try stopping again.

The more you smoke the more gunk will build up.

Good luck JAS

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Hi Cheers everytime i try same thing happens

Can't count how many times it happens then i forget cause till i cough it up.

This nothing on internet about lung debris causing blockages.

The all know it happens as our kidneys cant process chucks of sh#% floting round our lungs

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Kas100 in reply to

Please keep trying JAS.

I stopped nearly three years ago and feel so much better for it now.

It was really difficult and I still crave a ciggy but I know I won't go back there again - I couldn't go through the withdrawal again!

The blockage sounds scary - hope you manage to sort it out

in reply to Kas100

I was ok really when stoped IT was just blockage and pain was horrendous

Hi there, Hope you're coping ok. I smoked for a good many years and then I had no option but to give it up. I was given a good piece of advice which helped me enormously. This is what i was told---- when you crave a cigarette, wait 2minutes before reaching for one. In that two minutes the craving will have ceased. So please give it a try. I call it the 2 minute rule lol. Hope it goes someway to helping you kick the habit.

Best wishes Purr🐾

Its normal to cough when you give up smoking its a way of getting all the rubbish off your chest I coughed for around 6 months.

I stopped with the help of champix and they say you are less likely to start again if you do it with support

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