Cardioversion at last!

After five weeks of atrial fibrillation I at last have a date for the cardioversion, but needless to say geopolitical problems have got in the way again! I have been getting worse, which has involved two visits to A&E and one to the GP. Yesterday I went to A&E again, feeling really unwell and was thoroughly checked over, both heart and lungs. After seeing the junior junior doctor I heard them say 'this is one for the boss' and off they sent me up the line, where the more senior junior doctor, after giving me a thorough going over said 'this is one for the consultant ' and sent me off to the observation ward where I waited for the consultant, who came to see me after clinic and said I was top of the list but he had come up against the hiccup of a Welsh GP with an English patient and had to fill in a claim form so I could have treatment. He wasn't happy as they should have sorted this out. So off I came home while he dealt with the bureaucracy. Today I rang the practice manager who was amazed because he knew what the regulations were and said he would see what had happened. Then I received a letter with an appointment for next week, so I rang the hospital to see if that was right in view of what I had been told and was told that they had decided to get it done asap! Then a phone call from the practice manager to say he had read the regulations again and since I was an English patient going to an English hospital there was no problem as the English NHS would pay. And so it remains, but he was going to check with another practice which apparently didn't have these difficulties. I tell you, you have to be well to be ill! The one thing I must say is that everyone was really kind and helpful.

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  • I just hope all goes well for you dear Carnival. Thinking of you. Xxxx

  • Oh my goodness Carnival567,

    What a flipping palaver! I'm so sorry you've been so poorly, and that the whole situation has been such a political/ socio- demographical pain in the ass.

    You are a very patient patient! More so than me I'm sure, but at least you have the appt. In writing in your hand, so some light at the end of a long tunnel eh?

    Wishing you good luck Rosemary, let us know how you are

    All the best

    Wendy xxx

  • So glad that there is light at the end of the tunnel. What a nightmare.

    Love and hugs

    Kate xx

  • So pleased that at long last you are getting somewhere sending all best wishes x

  • I hope things are improving for you too xx

  • Thank you just waiting for that day xx

  • Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes. This will be my 11th cardioversion and I know others on here have had more. The day after I have it done my big brother will be coming to stay for a week so that will give me a real boost. I haven't seen him for a year, not since his 75th birthday last year as he lives in Suffolk.

    As far as being a patient patient, Welsh bureaucracy is beyond me! Probably English government bureaucracy as well, and of course I can't contact the MP as technically we don't have one at the moment. No doubt when he is re-elected (that sort of seat) I shall get on to him.

  • I know I could look it up but can I expose my ignorance? What is cardioversiion?

  • Sorry. I see I should have read on.

  • What is a cardio version ?

    What are the symptoms of atrial fibrillation may I ask?

  • Cardioversion is when they anaesthetise you and shock you back into rhythm. In my case my af symptoms are a rapid and irregular heartbeat, a feeling as though mice are having a rugby match in my chest, fatigue and breathlessness, sometimes a feeling of heaviness sin my chest or between my shoulder blades, and swollen ankles. Some people can live with it without too much bother, especially if their heart is in good condition, but not me I am afraid. Unfortunately cardioversion is not a permanent solution and I have also had a cardiac ablation where they kill off some of the nerves in the heart. This will be my 11 th cardioversion and the cardiologist has already warned me it may not last long. The drug I was on to try to prevent it caused my fibrotic lung disease, so really I am between the devil and the deep blue sea. Off to the parish lunch now with all the other oldies!

  • I have a-fib too--I had an ablation--because they thought it was just a flutter--Mine came with using an albuterol inhaler--anyway--Dr got in there and wasn't a flutter and so I still have it--but it is well controlled with meds--I get scared to exercise much tho because im afraid it will go mad--Do you find that to be true? No talk of doing your procedure yet--Good luck this time---MmeT

  • Unfortunately they have been unable to control mine with meds, they have tried nearly everything. The dronedarone worked for about 15 months but has given me obliterative bronchiolitis, so what next I wonder. The cardiologist has just prescribed digoxin but that can't be used forever either. I still have my family and my mind though.

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