I'm such a wimp when It comes to my health

Hey guys, I'm new to this so please go easy on me..

At night I've been having really bad trouble sleeping at night, my mouth keeps going as dry as ghandis flip flop and to top it off I'm constantly being woken up to the feeling of not being able to breathe. It's almost like I'm having several panic attacks a night. It's got the point where I don't want to sleep and I keep stressing myself out. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

Sorry if I waffled on. I just need some help..

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Hi Joshua and welcome to the site. I wake up most nights feeling really thirsty and my mouth is very dry. Please go and see your GP about waking up and feeling you can't breathe, you may have sleep apnea. Let us know how you get on. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

What is sleep apnea? Is it dangerous? It's got to the point where I don't want to sleep. My partner says I'm fine but that's all well and good for her to say she's not the one going through this. I used google to find our what is wrong. But I stress myself because I think I've got everything it tells me from heart failure to empysema or however you spell it. .

never google anything,if you want to know about your condition go to the NHS site. And please don't worry about sleep apnea but do go to your GP and tell them about your worries. 😊 xx

Sleep apnoea (with or without the "o" is correct) is NOT dangerous but it's effects are draining. Your partner may be able to assist with this ... she will tell if you snore and if you seem to stop breathing when asleep (followed by a deep gasp) - if you do she will know and it will happen several times each night.

You can complete the Epworth Sleep Study, which gives a good indication britishsnoring.co.uk/sleep_...

Also, 95% of people with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) are significantly overweight (and of course 5% aren't!) so a good indicator but by no means a certainty.

There is no cure (but weight loss helps) but it's easily treated ... if in fact it is OSA, talk to your GP - fear almost always comes from the unknown ... rarely what we know.

Best wishes

Best advice would be to see your GP. Your symptoms could have a number of causes. What as happened to others may have nothing to do with your symptoms. Best see your GP as they will be able to give tests that will eliminate causes and give you a diagnosis.

You really need to see your GP. I often wake feeling very dry so always have a bottle of water by the bed. But make that appointment

Nobody here can diagnose you and the advice to see you doctor is good advice. Welcome to the forum. :)

I have a Boots Dry Mouth spray tucked under my pillow ready for when it's needed, I also sleep in a reclining position (using several pillows) rather than lying down. If you keep waking up feeling panicky though I think your doc should know about it.

I am also very thirsty in night have a bottle of water near hand or sometimes tonic water which helps with cramp try to sleep raised up if you can and please don't google I made myself I'll doing that come on this site best wishes

Thank you guys. My appointment is at midday! Let's see what is actually wrong with me..

Well done on making that appointment. It may take a while for them to get you diagnosed so hang on in there.

If you smoke, quit. If you're not a healthy weight, aim for one. It will all help.

Good luck. P

How did you get on?

Dry mouth is probably because you mouth breath at night. Just keep water on bedstand. The anxiety feelings are a worry for you and lack of sleep makes you more anxious! Vicious circle! Try some relaxation techniques before going to bed! Think of a special holiday when you were at your happiest just before sleeping. If panics continue seek medical help! Sleep is so important to our wellbeing!

Good luck and breathe easy!🙏😀

I've struggled with the same issues you defo need to see the gp but short term relief to get you some sleep you could try propping your head up in bed I sleep on three pillows one of which is a sturdy large lounge cushion. You could also try taking a decongestant like sudafed just before bed to see if it's sinus related? The sudafed you buy at the chemist are best the ones on the shelf aren't as strong. Hope this helps and let us know how you get on 😊

You could try Biotene (saliva replacement)- found this very good. or Xerostom (saliva replacement) or XyliMelts - a tablet which fixes in your mouth and dissolves but certainly gives you replacement saliva. Good luck hope you find one of these will help your dry mouth. Jude

Find out its all related to heartburn and indegestion.. I can't believe she was right. Also I've put on a little weight and that plays a part, Who'd have thought that It could be that. Sorry to waste your time guys. Thank you for your support.


Do keep it under control won't you. A lot of us have lung issues due to acid reflux, it can spill over in to your airways.

I take Ranitidine (same as Zantac but cheaper, supermarket brands called 'Indigestion Tablets' check the ingredient) for reflux. I also avoid acid and fatty food.

Thanks for letting us know 😃

Hi Joshua,

It's never a waste of time to ask for advice and the answers probably prompted you to visit the doctor sooner and hopefully made you less concerned about the possible results. Wishing you all the best.

Hi Joshua . I have copd and connective tissue disease. So I have Sjögren's which is part of ctd. Very dry mouth probs, sometimes all the way down to my throat. Yes, scary. I have a small spray that I spray into my mouth and acts as artificial saliva. It moistens your mouth and throat immediately. Believe me I've been using this stuff for 20 years and it is good. Mine is lemon flavoured. It's called Glandusane. Ask your doctor if he can prescribe it for you . I have oxygen and nebuliser in the house. If you wake up and feel panic building up. Try and get up if your able and make a cup of tea or something that will help you relax. Hope some of my advise will help you. Even just a little. Thinking of you Suzanne.

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