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WHY Are DOCTOR's Full Of It When It Comes To Plaura Rub And ASBESTOS

For last few day's i have been very ill LOTs of LUNG PAIN & FEVER

Lot of clown doctors NEED to grt a grip of ASBESTOS dx espcily when coughed up asbestos lung material is partily obstucting blocking airways and causing what doctors say is plaura rub pain.

Well i can say that is BS and am sick of asbestos lung matrial obstructing my airways and causing pain.

This time was by far the worse time i had for pain fever breathing troble.

Luckly i coughed up lung tissue containing Chronic Inflamation & Asbestos fibers.

After i coughed it up my breathing was better and no pain of obstructed breathing.

Pain was not rib frcture , muscle pain, but was from airways obstrution.

Steriods helped as they losen mucus and lobed my airways so could get cough asbestos lung debris out.

Clearly my lung doctor and gp are going to be on sharp end of my fellings as its just luck i was not at hosputal Clearly am not inpresed with bs doctors come out with when asbestos as damaged you and your lung's

Here is good read things never talked about in asbestos DX like cysts granuloma and ild .. fibrosis


In picture one on top left is lung tissue that blocked my airway causing horendus pain breathing issues and pain and fever.

In picture you can see chronic inflamation and black patches thats emphysema.

As you can see in ALL my pictures the emphysema IS not one causing chronic inflamtion.

You can see the chronic inflation is round asbestos fibers and its them causing my issues.

As you can see the difrance is as clear as night n day.

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Damon1864 profile image

Hi I find what you are saying very interesting and true


in reply to Damon1864

Hi Cheers

Hello Jeff. I wonder, do you have a nebuliser to help loosen the mucus in your lungs. I have a nebuliser which I use with 7% prescribed salt solution (comes in individual doses) each morning and evening. I then do Active Cycle of Breathing Technique (huffing) for about 10-15 minutes. Takes a bit of time but I find it more difficult to breath if I do not do both in the mornings so that I seldom cough during the day, and I cannot lie down at bedtime without coughing if I don't cough up the phlegm.

I expect you know about carbocisteine "which cause the mucus to be less sticky and easier to cough up". I don't use it as it makes me cough a lot during the day.

I don't blame you for getting angry Daz, the way you've been dismissed by your doctor's. I hope those pictures make them take notice this time. xx


I feel for you Jeff - Hope you find an excellent doctor - One who is not afraid to listen.

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