Appontmant at 4.00 today 5.00 seen spec he asked are i ok no i said not realy went all over my pappers then asked me what meds are i on so i told him but when i told him i was not on steiradt he said i should be but i told him i was on it but when i was put on fostrit i was told not to take steridt any more so he asked if i had got a copy of my proscription no said the wife so the wife asked if i can have oxigen he said no as they do not give it to people with copd and ms

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  • That sounds a bit strange David did you ask him why not

  • Yes all he said was that they do not

  • Then I would speak to your GP and ask him to explain it to you I'm sure you deserve explanation

  • The doc i seen yesterday trys to say that smoking is the only thing that makes you have copd but when i was younger i use to work on pulling down old houses ect with all the black dust and every thing you can thing of and at that time no face masks only a scaffe to try and stop you breathing it in and at the end of the day all you did was cough black gung up most of the night but i just let him think that he was right as most docs think the same but when you read about copd like most of us know there are a few things just under one roof but the way he was talking he was just smoking and nothing els never mind he is young and got to learn

  • My dauter inlaw works on the hart and chest ward in the hospital so she is going to find out why

  • That is good David needs sorting it seems the work you used to do could have a lot to do with it that doctor needs a good shake

  • They seem to be on a roll at the GPS changing people from Seretide to Fostaire I did ask the nurse has they had changed me she reckons Fostaire is a better inhaler ,Has for Oxygen I know of many people with COPD who use it xx

  • i saw my long term conditions nurse a few days ago and although i am still waiting to see a consultant re my copd he reckoned that fostair delivers smaller particals to the airways as opposed to seratide and would be mone beneficial to me given that my latest spirometry test showed a propensity to being a co2 retainer.We then had a conversation with regard to acidity and alkaline levels and i just got breathless trying to take it all on board.All i want out of the system is some relief for my breathlessness and low sats on exertion but i guess i will have to do a 5 year degree course before i can get a consultants appointment and some usefull o2 be it long term or ambulatory.good luck to you.xx

  • The last time i spent two weeks in hispital and i was on a same meds i am on now and i was on 2lts 24/7 and every one said i was great no panting no huffing doing things for my self and no attacks now all back to nomal plus worst cant even go out with out by my self with out runing out of air not unless i keep taking my ventolin pump every 5 mins

  • david,if you mean your salbutamol inhaler(ventolin pump?)you should not be using this as a regular means of treating is meant to be used as a rescue relief med.if you continue to use it as cure all you will definately harm would suggest you get hold of your gp or long terms conditions nurse to help you asp.good luck mate

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