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It went very well, the lovely nurse asked a lot of questions, talked about my inhalers, said it would be a good idea to take the Ventolin just before the Relvar and Incruse as the Ventolin, quick acting, will open up the lungs to get more benefit from the other two. I didn't know that. Had blood pressure taken, and the finger pulse thing. She asked if I knew much about PACE, I told her about HealthUnlocked and how much I have learned from the forum, she hadn't heard of it, she took the name and said she would have a look. Then she said, 'have you any questions?' I asked 'When do I start the 6 minute walk?' She said 'We don't do it today, the course start in July and we will do it a couple of weeks before then, if she did it now it could change by July'. I was quite disappointed/relieved! I quite enjoyed it the nurse was very easy to get on with and seemed to know what she was talking about. It was nice to get out and the weather was lovely. Lilian xxxxxx

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Glad everything went ok for you Lilian.x

Hello Patty, I think I told you the appointment was at Adcroft surgery, it wasn't, it was at Trowbridge hospital! So a quick dash to make the appointment. I've never been there before, it's like a rabbit warren inside. I hope your appointment went well. Kind Regards Lilian xxxxxx

Yes, all went well.My appointment was just routine. Very friendly nurses also + in and out in 10 minutes!

Very quick Pat, I would still be relieved it's all over. Lilian xxxxx

Long time to wait Lillian would have been good to get on with it thing is how do we know we are going to be fit and infection free on the day that could leave a few empty spaces I wonder do they have a subs bench lol x

That's true Margaret, the list that I am on is full, however, the nurse said there is always someone who doesn't turn up due to infection, etc., so at the moment I'm on the sub's bench, you are quite welcome to join me Margaret. Talk later. Love Lilian xxxxx

Glad it went well I'm hoping to get referred for this next time I go to consultant so please keep us updated with how things go 😊

Hello Knicho, I do hope you get referred. I expect you have read all about PR on this forum, nothing but good things. Look forward to see how you get on. Lilian xxxxxxx

Glad to hear your meeting went well today.

As you've already discovered, the PR nurses often have good tips and advice that we don't always get from our GPs or chemists.

My motivation was always the tea and biscuits we had after exercising ;)

Thank you Michele, yes, the advise she gave about the inhaler really made sense. Didn't do any exercise today so no tea and biscuits!! Next time maybe. Lilian xxxxxx

😟 no tea and biscuits on my course.

Sorry to hear that Magpuss :(

They did explain that the PR team paid for them out of their own pocket and we were invited to bring in the occasional packet of biscuits, tea, milk etc., Most people were happy to contribute, but it was by no means obligatory.

I wrongly assumed all the courses offered the same. It's a shame they don't, as we'd always have a quick chat and get to know each other during our break time.

I don't mind really, we all take our bottles of water or juice so it isn't really necessary.

Getting to know other people with similar conditions would be an important part of the programme for me. Apart from this forum I don't know anyone else who has COPD. I will take a packet of biscuits with me to share, just in case. Lilian xxxxx

I enjoyed the social side of the classes and met some lovely people. Hope you don't have to wait too long to hear if you've been accepted, but I'm sure you will be xxx

Nor mine LOL - lots of water though and very kind and helpful ;-)

I had that advice from a great doctor at a walk-in centre. Definitely makes sense. It's surprising how many doctors and nurses at the GPs don't know this. TRAINING!!

I agree. I used the Ventolin before other inhalers and it made a big difference. Everybody should know this.!! Regards Lilian. xxxxx

Hello Graham, I agree with you, it was worth going today just to get the Ventolin tip. Valuable advise. Kind Regards Lilian xxxxxx

It's a shame that you have to wait but if the course doesn't start until July, it makes sense. At least you have some idea about what to expect of the nurses now, they seem to be more knowledgable than most gp's. Hope you're feeling a little more relaxed about it now that you've dipped your toe in 'so to speak'.

Hello Magpuss, July will be on us before we know it!! The nurses are lovely and I don't think I will be the least bit nervous next time. I like that 'dipped my toe in', you won't mind if I borrow the expression sometime. Thank you for replying. Regards. Lilian xxxxx

Hi Lilian, glad you've had your PR chat & that things are progressing for you. I wouldn't have been able to go away on holiday had I not done the PR course & got myself fit enough to travel. I got on my course by ringing every so often to see if they'd had any cancellations - may be worth a go? Good luck 🌻Xx

That's a good idea Sunflower, although I don't think I am as determined as you. You have done so well, I should imagine it was very hard work from which you are now receiving the benefits. My ambition is to walk down our lane to the bench, which over the years I have done thousands of times, but can't do it now, but I know I will. Regards Lilian xxxxx

It's definitely worth a try, people often have to cancel as they're unwell & they like to fill up the spaces. I really think you'll surprise yourself how much you can improve & enjoy life much more. You just take it slowly at your own pace to begin with & gradually build it up. They ask you to set a goal at the beginning, so yours could be to walk to the bench. I have no doubts you'll do it, & we all want to hear when you do! 😁🌻xx

Thank you for your encouragement Sunflower. If I could get to the bench I would be more than happy. I tried the Ventolin before my other inhalers as the nurse advised, and it made a big difference, my breathing has been a lot better today, I hung out the washing in that strong wind and didn't get too breathless. Do you get very breathless Sunflower? Kind Regards, Lilian xxxx

That's great you were able to hang out the washing & that your breathing feels better today 😊 Yes, I get v breathless too, I've had to learn to slow down & it's taken me a long time to adapt. When you do the education part of the PR, you'll learn lots of good tips & techniques to manage your breathlessness & condition. Hope you have another good day tomorrow 😁🌻x

Thank you Sunflower, I hope you have a good day too. Lilian xxxxx

This is the first time I have posted on this site. I spent Easter in hospital with nasty chest infection. But I am home again and feeling great (I have COPD and Bronchietisis ) . Since I got home I have not used my ventolin once , instead I have used a SALT PIPE. I find it very effective I am not wheezy or breathless I just cannot believe how well I feel. I also use Fostair

Best wishes


Welcome Patricia, So good to hear you're feeling better. I have heard a little about salt pipes on this forum, anything I know about COPD I have learnt here, it has given me a new lease of life! I think I will look into salt pipes and thank you. Regards. Lilian xxxxx

What is a salt pie???

Sorry, I don't know much about SALT PIPES but I know others on the forum will.

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