ambulatory oxygen

a few quick questions to those of you who use the ambulatory oxygen:

how long did it take between you being assessed and when it arrived?

what form does it come in? is it like a gazillion oxygen tanks or...? are they recyclable/disposable?

what has your experience with the ambulatory oxygen been?

(i did the 6min walk again, with oxygen this time and was really chuffed by instant impact - oxygen saturation remained level throughout, as did the heart rate, and i was only a tiny bit breathless at the end - carried the tank in my hand all the way too, didn't think it was at all heavy - are the ones they use in hospitals the same as what we get at home?)


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It may vary round the country but my O2 company, Dolby Vivisol, bring it the same or the next day - if you need it and it's been prescribed, it's dangerous to be without it. The company will exchange empties for new refilled ones.

Im no longer on ambulatory O2 but when I was I asked for paediatric cylinders as they are lighter and I could do much more exercise carrying it on my back. So much more exercise that my muscles became stronger and I was able to get off the O2 altogether. The paediatric cylinders cost more so you would need to make a case for having them, i.e. you'll do more exercise and so get stronger, get ill less often and therefore save the NHS money!

The oxygen delivery men were always very polite and sweet, only complaint which I didnt find a way to tell them, was that they all wore overwhelming after shave :D

this is so helpful, thanks, O2Trees and interesting that you don't use the ambulatory oxygen any longer. the thing i was given during the assessment weighed about 2kg i think, not heavy at all - and i did tell them that i'd rather carry them on my back, which the nurse said is possible


If it's you first order.

Usually 1/2 days depending on company and time order placed.

Did you not discuss you option with you respitory nurse.

There is choice of Cylinders small/large, liquid oxygen or portable concentrater.

I noticed some are having a static concentrater with long tubing and cylinders for outside use.

Options may alter depending on the required LPM and whether you need continuous or pulse delivery system.

I use large cylinders in the home, I have four with bag and trolley.

I purchased my one portable concentrater for out and about.

Living on the first floor, I found the cylinders awkward carry up two flights of stairs. Especially if carrying shopping as well.

thanks this is really helpful - no i didn't discuss anything, i get in a panic when i've got those tests and remember all the questions once i'd slept on it :S

maybe i should go see my gp


GP aren't involved in Oygen therapy.

It will the oxygen team at your local hospital, they are part of the respitory team who will monitor you oxygen either six monthly or annually.

Try the equipment that arrives, if not suited contact your respitory nurse, she will discuss and arrange any alternative that you require.

It's all down to what you need, where you like to go, the environment at home. They will soon have you sorted so you can enjoy the extra freedom supplementary oxygen will give you.

Hi, mine was also a quick delivery, the next day if I remember rightly. I have an oxygen concentrator for use in the house/garden and cylinders for when I go out, I also have the paediatric size as I found the regular ones a bit too heavy. I did try a portable concentrator but preferred to go back to the cylinders. Try what you get and speak to your respiratory team if you need anything tweaking. :)

I have 2 concentrators one up one down and liquid for ambultary good luck x

Hi I have just gone onto ambulatory oxygen and use the small oxygen tanks as you say about 2kg in weight for out and about I carry these on a walker and also have two static machines one upstairs and one downstairs with 5 metre hose attached which I don't really like but wouldn't be able to manage without. They delivered 4 tanks of which lasted me 2 weeks so reordered and they came to replace the next day. I would love to get a portable concentrator but waiting to hear if I am going to be able to have lung coils fitted so don't want to go to any great expense as yet. Good Luck with your 02 let us know how you are doing. 🙂

My oxygen company supplied a portable concentrator instead of cylinders when requested to by my respiratory team.

Hi Toci

Yes I believe some do I have an appointment with my respiratory nurse on the 23rd of this month at home so hoping to discuss the option of a portable concentrator maybe it depends on the oxygen company I am with Air Liquid. Fingers crossed .


Air liquide do a portable the Imogen G2 quite heavy at 10lbs, comes with bag and trolley. They have been trialling the much lighter G3 at 4.5lbs.

Thanks Stone

I see in your comments you have bought a portable concentrator for out and about did you purchase it from AirLiquide or privately.


Private " intermedical "

stone,which model did you get?i am assuming it delivers on pulse.if so do you use continuous flow at home and how do the two delivery systems compare for you personaly?regards mike


I have a Imogen G3 on pulse and use pulse delivery at home via a conserver.

Started on continuous during pulmonary rehablitation, change to pulse which gives twice the use of cylinders.

hi thanks for that.i assume you bought privately as the g3 wasn,t available through your nhs trust.i get the impression from your previous posts that you have done your homework on your particular condition and that although you are managing it with the help of the nhs you seem to be tailoring it if neccassary with your own private intervention.with regard to both treatment and equipment.i like that and eventually when i can get the nhs to take any interest in me fully intend to do likewise.regards

I too am with Air Liquid,and I have cylinders and a portable,plus a large concentrator upstairs.

Hi Maggie

Thanks for the reply, what is the name of your portable, is it light weight for out and about.

its.the Imogen,it is not particularly light,but comes on a small trolly with extending handle,car charger,is very useful.

Hello Maggie is that the G3 model I didn't get trolley with mine Sam

think the g3 is lighter than mine which is a g2. Ask your supplier if it does have one as it is handy like using a small wheelie suite case

Hi my portable concentrator is a Inogen G3 ,

NHS ). it's manageable tho I still find it heavy (ish) tho I have spondylosis in my neck so that has something to do with it. Wondering about the paediatric portable ??? Saw Stone said something about that will go back and read Sam

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