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UPDATE From MP RE UK Air Pollution Electric Cars & Healther Cites

As some will remember i lambrasted my MP Gov over farse that is UK Air Pollution Electric Cars & Healther Cites policy.

Here is what i wrote.

IN all this talk of Elecric Cars comes issues of charging points.

But i can't see WHY the old abandond BT phone boxes can't be used as emergency EV charging station's

(1) phone boxes don't need and or planing permission.

I.e permited development SO if gov was serious WHY as it not happend.

(2) The Growth and Infrastructure bill clause 8 would over rule any

local council safety objections.

Re old phone boxes being used as NEW EV Charging stations.

I guess if i was not lung diseased THAT would of been my next project.

BUT as is i can dream of healther cleaner city.

SO you can see if our gov was serious WHY was it not done UNDER THE Growth and Infrastructure bill.

Guess thats one for MP's Communises minister

Am sure its great way of sparking life into our city utilising old abandoned phone boxes.

With out screwing motorists further or imposing any more restrictions.

Yours sincerely,

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Here is what MP wrote

Dear Mr Smith

Thank you for your email.

I think you have proposed a very interesting idea and, after the General Election, I will take it up with the relevant minister once the new government has formed.

Best wishes


great Jeff. Keep nagging him until he does!

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Well done JAS, a case of watch this space then. Take care xxxxxx

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Defo agree I had forgot all about it :O

Guess dieases dose that to ya .. but would be nice if did do something like that.


Good on ya Hidden !

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