Back in Hospital

Started having a really bad chest infection

22nd February and after 2 more admissions overnight on further occasions I'm back in hospital. Just can't shift this infection dragging me down now. I'm normally, right let's get on with it, do breathing exercises, take meds regularly, start building up walking distance round house first, then out a little bit further each day, build up strength and stamina.

I'm back on hospital (Sunday) and still not well. It's wearing me down now and I'm getting low in mood.

Any suggestions anybody please xxx

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Sorry to hear that Jummie and l hope that the doctors can help you on the road to recovery.

Wishing you well. Xxx

Hopefully the treatment you receive in hospital will get on top of this infection and you will soon be able to get out and about again.

Sending you my best wishes for a speedy recovery

Thank you knitter, going for ct scan to make sure I don't have a clot on my lungs. Then home to my own bed hopefully

Sorry to read this Jummie, I hope they soon have you right. Better not send any xxx like Sassy, they might be misconstrued ;-)

Sorry you are back in hospital, really hope this time you can rid of the infection. Thinking of you take care ๐Ÿ˜Š xx Bernadette

Sorry you are struggling at the moment Jummie. Hopefully once the abs or IVs kick in you will feel better and get your admirable fighting spirit back.


Thank you cofdrop (love the name) I'm having another scan this afternoon and if that's okay I'm hoping they will let me go home. Fingers and toes crossed xx

Hope the Meds are kicking in and helping you on the road to recovery just out of hospital myself for about 4time this year and still on abs hope you get your fighting spirit back soon take care x

Thank you Time_2_drink. Hope you are well on the road to recovery. I think when it's happened to people like us we know we have a fight on our hands to climb back up that ladder. See you st the top very soon ๐Ÿคž

Wouldn't that be something Unfortunatley had a bit of a set back this morning ambulance came things got a bit better waiting for doctor now take care

Really sorry to hear about your setback. You take care and hopefully you will soon be back on that climb. That's the thing isn't it, it's not just about getting better like other people, it's harder for us with our breathing problems. I will wait at the top (once I get there which will take a while) and we will sit and say that was hard, but we never give up trying ๐Ÿ˜€ Keep smiling my fellow sufferer

Thanks jummie doctor been said I still got infection keep taking citrflaxin he has give me some more oramorph and tramadol I asked about pain management but he said lets get infection sorted first hope to see you at the top one day soon

Keep fighting it Jummie and get well soon.

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