Swimming helping!

I decided on my diagnosis a short while ago to take up swimming and I went for the fourth time today.. I'm pleased to say I think I am seeing an improvement already. On my first session I basically spent most of the time coughing and hanging onto the side getting my breath back! I felt like I wanted to make an announcement to the other pool users that they wouldn't catch it!

But.. today I still coughed but not as much and the stops were shorter. I also managed to do more lengths. I'm really hoping the improvements carry on!

Thanks to all who recommended swimming and also active breathing technique (although that is still work in progress, I've not perfected the huffing yet!)


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Well done!

I'm pleased it has helped ask if they do aqua fit sessions they do at my local pool I find they help

They do aqua xumba which I might attempt when I feel like I've built up the swimming a bit more thank you x

They do that at our pool but very difficult to do in water so good luck

Ahh I think I might watch a session before I sign up!! Thanks

Pleased you have found something to help you which you enjoy

Thanks 😊

I have a heated pool right down the hall and on O2 so haven't used it--sure do miss nit--MmeT

Ahh it's a pity you can't use it ☹️

It nice to know you have found somthing you like and you enjoy it and it will help you as well .but be carfull and do not over do it like i did many ayear ago when i use to take my sons to the baths every week but as i was doing that and i was in a wheel chair i was getting out of the pool and pulled my back right out getting back in to my chair and not been back into one in 27 years so take your time and take care now and enjoy it

Thank you I'm trying not to overdo it.. I make sure I take my time and get my breath back each time I need to and get out slowly etc x

So glad you have found swimming helpful. I have too. I've been swimming twice a week (ish) for almost two years and my breathing is better. I have gone from two difficult lengths to twenty now. My peak flow has improved and I don't cough as much while swimming. It is mostly the same people swimming so they are used to my coughing now!

Good to hear... I'm hoping the people in the pool will get used to me too!

Sounds so beneficial - enjoy x

Hi Knitho

I too have started swimming and have felt the benefit more or less straight away. Coughing goes with the territory but it is getting better. I also have a steam room where I go and have found that to be a great help. The first time that aI went in to it I nearly brought my lungs up, 'cos I coughed so much. But things are getting better each time.

Keep it up.πŸ‘.


Glad you've found the swimming helps like me.. I'm determined to keep it up. However someone on here mentioned that steam rooms etc can be tricky for people will lung conditions due to the psuedos? I asked what he meant and he explained it's a type of bacteria that can cause infection and can he very dangerous? I looked it up and it does seem it might be an issue so you might want to check that one out xx

Hi Knitcho

I mentioned steam to the physio yesterday. She said steaming is beneficial but you can catch disease from a steam room that isn't kept clean. It's taking a chance if you use one.

Thanks.. don't want to take a chance then really as I am feeling the best I've felt for a long while! An infection is the last thing I want! 😊

Great stuff. I don't blame you.πŸ‘

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