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I have my assessment tomorrow and I am so nervous! It's the 6 minute walk. I can't walk far. I hope it's not like the spirometry test when you are urged to blow harder, harder, harder. Like everyone here sob scares me and I know my own limitations. Everyone here seems to get so much benefit from it so I am going and I am going to try my best. I will let you know how I get on. Lilian xxxxx

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hi don't worry about 6 minute walk, you just walk at our own pace if you feel you need a break just stop for a bit then go again, you aren't forced to walk for full 6 minutes, they just want to see what distance you can cover in 6 minutes, because you do it at end aswell to see if any difference.

When I did this some years back they had a measured distance and recorded the time it took to walk. I much better way in my opinion, removes the pressure.

Yes, Don, I think it's the pressure. Lilian xxx

Thank you. I suppose that to be accepted on the course they expect a certain standard, I hope I am not turned down. Lilian xxxx

no theres no set standard the course is designed for each certain individual, everyone is different, thats why you do 6 minute walk so they can gauge what you can do, your under no pressure just encouraged to try do a bit more each session

Thank you Aberdeenman. I see now, it's not a test they just want to see the level of exercise capability at the start and how it's hopefully improved at the end of the course. Still a bit nervous but more at ease now. Thank you again. Lilian xxxx

Don't worry, you won't be pushed to go faster or further, you'll do it at your own pace and you won't have to do a full six minutes. I was expecting it to be far more challenging than it was and I came out feeling that I'd not done my best because I didn't feel out of puff. I'm sure you'll be fine - hope you won't have to wait too long before joining a PR class.

Thank you Magpuss. From all of the optimistic replies here it might not be as challenging as I am expecting. Lovely to have your experience of it. Lilian xxxxx

I had mine a few weeks back they neither push to move or walk faster you do it in your time and stop rest and get your breath back ...i start my PR may 9th and looking forward to it it's very beneficial to testing at all good luck and don't worry about it xxx i was monitered with a pulse ox during it and they recorded it every minute they will not put you at any risk xx

Thank you Angie, So you start yours next week! I had never heard of PR until I joined this forum and everyone sings it's praises. I will give it a go. When they phoned about the assessment, I said 'you don't think I'm too old at 80 do you?' She said, 'of course not' So that was alright. I hope you enjoy yourself on the 9th. Lilian xxxxx

Yes next week and no your never to old for anything lol I will keep you posted if you like xxx

Please do Angie, you can then tell me what to expect if I pass the assessment. Lilian xxxxxx

Im sure you'll be ok Lillian. Ive never met a respiratory physio who wasn't kind and encouraging. But sometimes people project feelings about school onto them like they were bossy teachers who have to be obeyed. Remember they are there for YOU, you are in charge and can stop whenever the walk feels too much. Stopping when you need to will give them necessary information about your functionality, just as much as your walking will do. Good luck :)

Thank you O2. I see what you mean about giving them necessary information, how little I can walk is as important as how much. Lilian xxxxx

Hi Lillian l know you will give it your best like everyone says they are there for you I'm sure it will be ok once you have got over initial nervousness. Which I bet most people have xx

Thank you Margaret, so kind of you to be encouraging. My few nerves about PR is very little compared to what you are going through at the moment. I will tell you all about it so that when you are well enough and star PR you will know what to expect. Love Lilian xxxxxxx

Hey there Lillian.

I know what you mean about the spirometry test. Not exactly a walk in the park. I remember one of the men who ran the test at the hospital I was at. In order to try and get patients to blow harder he would literally yell "blow, harder, harder" and " You can do this" at the same he would give us a few hearty taps on the shoulder. He wasn't my favourite person to see. But I know there aren't too many like him as i never encountered another like that. Most testers this includes the six minute walk people I have encountered are nice and caring. If I feel I can't I can tell them and they know what to do. It's better than getting into a state and fainting. ๐Ÿ˜’ So don't pressure yourself too much. I hope it goes okay. Hoping to hear your news soon.

Take care.

Cas xx ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ€๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ€

Hi Lillian. As others have said, please don't worry about the walking test. There's no set target they expect people to achieve. They just want to see what you can manage at the moment, so that they can determine how best to help you improve on that.

I've been on two PR courses and the session groups were very mixed in terms of age and physical ability. Other health problems such as heart conditions, arthritis etc., are taken into account so that the exercises are tailored to the individual. A lady in a wheelchair attended my first course and by the end of the 14 weeks, she was able to walk 15m unaided.

The educational side of the class is beneficial too and I learned quite a lot about my condition and how to manage sudden shortness of breath etc.

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow.


Thank you for your reply Michele. The advise from you and others on this forum has been invaluable. I feel a little more confident now. I will let you know how I get on. Lilian xxxxx

Don't worry Lilian- not like spectrometry. They tell you to stop and rest whenever you need to. There are definitely no standards you have to reach etc! It's a great course & very beneficial. Good luck x

Thank you Dedalus, I'm almost beginning to look forward to it! Lilian xxxxxxx

Good luck for today, not that you will need it. :)

Thank you very much mrsmummy, I will need it!! Lilian xxxxx

What is a PR assessment ,

Pulmonary Rehabilitation .

Just make sure that your BP is within safe limits. Mine were not when I went for the assessment and there was disagreement about whether or not I ought to take the course. It was decided I would be OK. Well I was not and session three I started a nose bleed that took me to Exeter Hospital for three days as it took them that long to stop it. I am on blood thinners after a mild stroke last year. I have completed two previous PR courses in 6 years and gained great benefit so I would always recommend them. But after my horrendous experience having my nose bleed treated in a very painful way I would always make sure BP was under control and well within safe limits. Best of luck.

Thank you Hallentine, the nurse did not seem concerned about my BP, 147, which is about right for me. Did you continue with PR after your nose bleed problems? I'm going to start exercising more now so I can get a bit fitter for the PR! Even the idea of PR is making me feel fitter! Regards. Lilian xxxxxx

Doctor insisted I avoid strenuous exercise for several weeks but I have been going back for the talk portion of the 2 hour sessions and found it very helpful. We have the last one tomorrow which includes the assessment but I have explained that even the shuttle (walk) aspect rather scares me. They have still not monitored BP's and so I am fearful of doing anything that might cause another bleed. I have at home a Treadmill and exercise bike but can only use these for 2 minutes at a time before becoming totally breathless. I do what I can and when. Best of luck. We can only keep on trying as best we can.

Hello Hallentine, You seem to be very dedicated to PR, and use it in the best way for you. I would be the same as you, if you know that something you did caused the bleeding, you avoid doing it again. I think 2 minutes is a long time! You do very well. Which do you think is better a treadmill or a bike? I'm thinking of getting one of those but not sure which. I am going to start doing what you do, I've been a bit lazy with the exercises, but have to start now to get ready for PR. Kind Regards. Lilian xxxxx

Hi Lilian226. If you can afford both get both. They serve different muscles I find. I would have a rowing machine as well but not able to cope with that. Years ago in the Gym the rowing machine was my favorite! I only bought a very cheap Treadmill simply because it was not going to be used for running or training but little ole me walking slowly for a few minutes at a time. I do wish you well and its about not giving up. This illness takes over our lives but I have nit admitted defeat yet. Tony xx

Hello Tony, I was dx about 10 years ago but had it many years before that, breathlessness going up hills etc., but it didn't really affect my life. Then last Oct/Nov it really hit me, it then took over my life, I think I aged about 5 years in 6 months, I thought that was it for me, we bought a stair lift, which I hardly use now, but it's nice to know it's there. I never thought that I would get back to where I am now. I have this forum to thank for a lot of that, I've learned so much here. We can find the answer to most problems and I am very grateful. I don't think I have enough room for a bike and treadmill, so I think I will get a treadmill. Do you have a certain time each day when you exercise? Have a good day. Regards Lilian xxxx

Well done! It did not affect my life until about 5 years ago. I was diagnosed 12 years ago at which point I gave up smoking 10-15 cigs a day. I had been a 60 a day man for years until I met my second wife in 2000. I had also had a furniture business (20 years) where I was hands on sanding and applying toxic finishes never wearing a mask and smoking on the job!!! How stupid can you get? I was asthmatic as a child and grew up in a Pub with heavy smokers around me all my life. I never stood a chance really. This illness was going to get me one way or another. But whats really floored me is Viral Pneumonia 18 months ago which led to respiratory failure and ICU for 3 weeks then Hospital for 3 more weeks. I have never fully recovered from that episode due to various infections and exacerbations. I am the rubber ball that keeps bouncing back but each time not quite as high as the time before. But I do keep bouncing back and I have not given up. I use the treadmill not every day but when I am able and try to use it every day. I have wonderful support from Community Matrons and the local surgery and my Doctor who even phoned after me when I was in ICU!! I am very lucky in this respect. And I have a very supportive patient wife who pushes me out of the house when the fear kicks in and stands nearby when I am dealing with a panic attack which kicks in now and then. Keep trying and never give in. Tony xx

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