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Inhalers and co2 retention


I have a theory and would be interested in everyone's thoughts. I get bouts of SOB at rest that I am pretty sure are co2 retention(going for ABG soon). My breathing is clear but heart starts racing and I feel the urge to do PLB, which I do. However, I only get it on the days when I take my long acting inhaler. Is it possible that the inhaler allows me to be breathe better but doesn't make me expel air any better and therefore I'm retaining co2 whereas without the inhaler, whilst my chest would be slightly tighter because of the effort of breathing in, I am taking smaller breaths and therefore trapping less air? Does that make sense or is it complete nonsense?

No amount of diaphragm breathing seems to get breathing to return to normal.



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I would ask for a inhaler review, some inhalers do the opposite of what they are supposedly used for.

I had problems with Seretide tight chest which impacted on breathing.

Change to Fostair NEXTHaler no problems since.

There are several options available.


Breathing out fast expels co2 also this those with dna genteic issues are predisposed to co2 n acidosis


Inhalers can cause anxiety to rise its head .I know when I take mine I feel a bit shaky and anxious xx


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