Lung disease and horse riding

Wonder if anyone could tell me; do you think horse riding is likely to make my lung condition worse, emphysema. I've recently just started back riding again I think I try and convince myself I'm healthy than what I am and try and do things like I did when I was well, I do enjoy it, it's actually a great work out and so far I'm relatively well I don't want to make myself worse though xx

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Try it and if you think then it is makeing it wores then stop try it in a padok first and go from there good luck

I would give it a go and see how you feel while you well go for it I'm sure you will know if it is affecting your breathing take care xx

IF you have an allergy to horses you may have a problem. BUT definitely give it a go, it is jolly good exercise at almost any age, I first rode in Egypt at 75 but mainly on beaches.

Thank you it is good exercise my legs are killing me today I've got aches where I didn't no I could ache xx

Go for it Tracy, as I see it it can only be for the good. I had to part with my two horses a couple of years ago and miss them terribly, but it wasn't fair to keep them when my copd worsened. I don't see why it should be bad for you. Happy riding! Xx

Thank you for the advice, it hasn't affected yet, I keep thinking I want to do these things while I still can, im so sorry you had to get rid of your horses Sheila, it must have been devastating it's horrible when you love doing something but you no longer can, hay can be a problem for people with breathing difficulties can't it xx

Just stay away from the dry hay which carries mould spores that won't do you any good. A good stable will soak the hay in water barrels before feeding the horses.

I think it's an excellent idea. I'm jealous!

I had horses most of my life sadly I had to give them up a couple of years ago ,It wasn't so much the riding but the environment ect the hay the bedding the pollen and the horse hair and dust if you can cope with this go for it I would xx

Ah Tracy!!!!!!! Today the local stable, tomorrow the Grand National, yes go for it lass and just make sure you don't fall off or you may more to worry about than your breathing. Good luck and keep out of the haybales.

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