Trip to A&e

Yesterday bringing up green sludge and in agony with pain Frank phoned 111 to ask for advice this was 6pm took oramorph and tramadol at 8.30 had to take more waiting for call back 22.30 needed more pain awful the 111service told Frank to take me to one life at midnight but they heard me crying and sent a ambulance my sats had dropped to 81 so they took me to A&e where I had chest X-ray and blood test doctor was thinking about admitting me but because pain is ongoing said it needs to be dealt with by GP saiid I needed another course of ciproflaxin and steroids and sent me home with them ended up with a burst blood vessel where they put the cannula in and a 50 pound parking ticket on the car Frank followed the ambulance and parked up so I am sick as a parrot and doubled in pain having a cuppa and going to bed

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Oh dear! Try and get some rest and have a better day. Wishing you well. Xxxxxxx

Thank you doctor said my GP should get to bottom of pain and get me pain management xxxxx

Dear T2d, let's hope your GP does help with pain management. Take care xxxxx

Hope he does because I am just about rock bottom xxxx

Keep going, T2D, there will be a way through all this. Just hang on in there and do the things that have to be done.

I will keep trying but it is very hard and also frustrating that the hospital couldn't help with the pain in one way maybe it would have been better to be admitted but I understand they can't treat ongoing symptoms I am still resistant to some abs so it's ciproflaxin again and predisilone it seems that I was discharged with not enough abs last week I am having a cup of camomile tea before going for a rest take care

Hi T2D have you been referred to a pain clinic. My wife as numerous problems related to arthritis and the pain clinic not only looked the physical aspects such as medications and exercises etc but looked at the psychology side of pain management. It helped her.

No but the doctor at a&e said my GP should refer me to one l do hope they do because it is hell what a week we have had car window broke sat nav and camera stolen another trip to hospital and a 50 pound ticket oh and don't forget burst blood vessel where they took cannula out when doctor mentioned I may have to stay in I thought oh god there goes my appointment with psychiatrist I know I need it but maybe it would have been for best just don't know

The pain clinic gave my wife an all in one service looking at both physical and mental health. It may give you the support you need.

I hope I get referal keep fingers and toes crossed for me

Hopefully this course of antibiotics will help get rid of the infection, you will feel so much better if that could be achieved, and maybe the pain would be less as well. I know when I had pneumonia the pain was horrid and got me down.

have you had a sputum test so that your GP knows what bug they are treating you for, and if you are on the right antibiotic.

Sending best wishes to you all.

Yes I took a sample in with me and they are going to test it and send results to GP I didn't eat anything yesterday felt so unwell Frank was going to make me a bowl f porridge now he insistent that I eat something just read can't have milk 2hours before and 2hours after ciproflaxin but when I was in hospital porridge every day very strange the doctor at a&e did blood test and looked at my notes ciproflaxin only one I can have take care

Hello Time_2_drink how horrific for you and your husband. I hope it gets better after some rest. Thinking of you. xx

Thanks cas it is a nightmare I am hoping pain will calm soon so I can relax a little I took pain killers just over 1hour ago when we got home but not kicked in yet xxx

It must be so draining for you and I am so sorry you had such a horrible time. I hope things improve soon for you hun.

love cx

Thanks I am at a loss as to how to cope with it all I took oramorph and tramadol at 7.30 and I'm waiting for it to kick in steroids and abs took it looks like they let me out 2early last Sunday hoping I can get on pain management xxx

Oh Margaret what are we going too do with you put you in a bag and shake you up 🤗 Maybe that would help ,I do hope things improve

Take care


If only it would Dorothy ,.im completley at a loss on how to carry on I am feeling pretty spaced out at the momment xx

Oh you poor love you are having such an awful time of it. I hope you are feeling better very soon.

Thank you I do hope so feel wretched and slightly spaced out hoping it will pass soon and will start to feel better xx

You have had the absolute week from hell. You & Frank have my sympathies. It may not feel like it to you, but you're definitely going in the right direction albeit slowly. I'm glad they're talking proper pain management now. You have all our continued support & we'll all be so happy for you when things finally get sorted (which they will). Stay strong 💪 Thinking of you 🌻Christina xx

Good afternoon Christine I hope I do get pain management I have just managed 2hours sleep I am absolutley shattered but have woke up soaking and still in pain and woozy from Meds which I have just had to take again trying not to wake Frank so fed up xxx

What a horrible time of it you are having. Just been reading through the post and it sounds like the pain clinic could be of great help I didn't know there was such a clinic, learning something new all the time on the forum. I do hope something works for you soon. X

You are certainly having a rough time, please try and get some rest. Hope you improve. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

Thank you Bernadette I hope you are right and I do improve I have been trying to get some sleep been awake over 24hours but only managed 2 xxx

Hi Margaret please try to relax and get a little rest if you can. You really do need a lot of help and support. I think you have been terribly let down by those who should be helping you. Please remember I. Am always willing to listen and help where I can. I noticed you said something about Teeside hospital, where shouts up north do you come from if you don't mind me asking. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

Hi Bernadette I live in Middlesbrough I only managed 2hours sleep I'm shattered but in so much pain had med 1hour ago waiting for them to kick in and also of course usual sweats I feel so drained and at a loss just hope tonight is better though I can't take anything after 9 last tablet dose so hoping the pain can be controlled somehow thank you for taking time to message me must tell you this when the ambulance men took me into A&e they took me in without oxygen said they wanted to see my sats without they left me in the cubicle Frank came along he had followed in car got a parking ticket as you do I checked my sats they were 72 nobody had come along and put oxygen on he had to go and find someone do you think someone is trying to tell me something hope you not feeling to bad love Margaret xx

Hi Margaret I enjoy chatting to you, I know what it's like to feel a bit lonely at times. I come originally from Spennymoor I county Durham, but live in Worksop now. But I have to admit Durham will always be my home. I happens to think you are a very brave lady, and I admire the strength you have. Please take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

Thank you Bernadette the feeling is mutual so we are from the same neck of the woods more or less we have caravaner around spennymoor in the past we used to go away with Durham DA with the camping and caravaning club iif things where diffrent then we would have been away with them this weekend in corbridge Northumberland my heart breaks when I think about it xxxMargaret

I love Corbridge it's a beautiful place. So sorry you couldn't go,would have done you both the world of good xxx😊

Don't think we will get away in caravan again we used to jump on bus at corbridge and go into Hexham I would make straight for m&co then have alook round Beales. And into weather spoons for a quick drink before getting the bus back xxxx

Hi T2, I've been reading your posts but held back from replying because every day I'd think 'it has to get better tomorrow' and that things would turn around for you. I hate answering when I can't think of one thing to say that would be helpful. I'm not going to pretend that everything's going to be alright because clearly, everything is far from all right. It just seems to me that someone should be accountable for some of the things that have been happening to you. Obviously, the hospital sent you home too soon before the infection had cleared and that's just not good enough. Now there's talk of a Pain Clinic, but when ? You need help and action, not talk. There's something here called 'patient advocacy' where you can get someone to push your case to the hospital authorities. I wonder is there something similar in the UK and if you could access it or get a social worker to intervene for you. I take their point about a chronic problem should be managed at home by your GP but it's up to the hospital and consultant concerned to set out the treatment plan to your doctor. I feel that both you and Frank are exhausted beyond the point of endurance and are being just left to flounder about without enough support. Maybe I'm misreading the situation and if so, please forgive me but I feel you need more support then you're getting. If there's anyone in the family that could help with pushing for appointments etc., that would be an advantage. Someone capable of reading the riot act where necessary and being persistent in getting answers when you're too sick and exhausted to do it yourself. I am thinking about you every day and sending you positive energy vibes and hoping for a change. Despite all that I've said about getting support, don't forget your own power - you still have it - to help yourself by trying to keep positive and proactive, when you can. So hang on in there and don't give up. I wish I could give them in person but failing that, big virtual hugs. {{{{ }}}}

Thank you so much for your lovely letter of support it does very much feel like we are being left to flounder things are certainly far from easy at the momment .I don't have a social worker because we are in the situation that we are just above the threshold to recieve any monetary help h..Unfortunatley we do not have anyone in family to offer us support but when I get the community matron back on the 12/ 5 I am going to see if she can intervene and speak to GP about pain clinic at one point it did look like I was going to be admitted last night and maybe in retrospect it would have been for the best however we have fought long and hard to get me a referal to a dietician and also I have got a appointment with a psychiatrist on Wednesday not forgetting I lost the community matron when I was in hospital and have just been put back on her books to start 12/5 and it is highly likely this would have happened again if I was readmitted also the hospice is trying to get me accupuncture to help with my sweats so you see it is possible that all these things would be once again ltaken from me .i sincerely hope that I do get referred to pain management because it is very hard to deal with I have only managed 2hours sleep and am completley drained but quite spaced out with the tramadol and oramorph but not in a good way and already worrying about the evening because after 6.30 cannot take anymore medication today and don't know how I will get through the night if the pain does not subside thank you so much for your concern and one day hope to be able to post that things are good hope you are keeping as well as you can be Margaret x

I'm keeping reasonably well, thank you Margaret. From what you say now, it does seem like a plan of action is beginning to shape up and I know exactly why you were reluctant to be admitted. It just makes me want to scream with frustration when I read of people having to deal with so much stress. To an extent we all have to deal with it, constantly having flare ups and infections and every time having to go through the 'what should I do now' routine. I dread having to go to the doctor or the hospital and feel that they're thinking 'oh, her again'. It's fine when it's only once in a while but awful when it keeps happening. But despite everything, you're coping on some level. You're able to come on here and tell us what you're going through and that's a very positive thing. It shows you're actively engaging with your situation, not sitting back and giving up. I think you're wonderful and that if I was in your situation, I wouldn't be coping half as well as you are. Keep on pushing for your appointments and for the care and support you both need.

Thanks Billie Jean I'm glad things are not to bad for you yes it makes you feel frustrated when you have to keep on going for medical appointments and wonder what they are thinking of you I managed 2 hours sleep Unfortunatley pain back with a vengeance and am burning up utterly fed up

Take care, thinking of you, here's hoping you feel a bit better and you're pain eases.

Thank you I wish it would

Sounds like it is all happening to you and Frank this week , hope things are calming down now. I can feel the stress in your post. Hope you soon get the pain sorted , be careful you don't take too many tramadol or you will end up back in hospital. Have a restful day, ginger sometimes helps clear the chest, there are lots of different teas about, but they only releive the symptoms they are not a cure. xx

Thanks had a horrendous night even though was up all night Saturday being at the hospital and only 2hours sleep Sunday morning was up till 4am the pain was that bad just didn't have strength to get to stairlift to go to bed the pain and sweats are ruining what little life I have and I am about ready to give up I am laying in bed now deciding whether it is worth the effort to get up xxx

Pain is a vicious circle, maybe rest in bed a little is a better idea don't have to sleep. It is amazing how the body copes even without sleep, but keep the fluids up even if you don't feel like eating. Sounds like you mnsaybe need some steroids as the hospital said. Good luck with the Gp now the bank holiday is over.xx

Thanks I started the steroids yesterday morning I have been drinking plenty and eating bowls of chopped up fruit because the pain killers and oramorph cause the dreaded constipation and I hate taking the Senna tablets .I have actually come down stairs for a few hours it was hard I had a wash changed my pjs and my heart rate soared to 140 so I had to have another rest before I got down stairs I came down because a friend of Frank had asked for help with his laptop he didn't want to leave me but I feel so guilty that I am stopping him from living his life I knew he wouldn't go if I stayed upstairs feeling this way so I will try to keep myself occupied with this site and scrabble on iPad he has left me a meal he prepared really don't want it but he will be hurt if I leave it its very difficult .I hope you have had a decent weekend health wise and have done something nice I notice you seem to have a nice social life long may it continue xxxMargaret

Yes Margaret I do have some social life still, motto is make the most of it while I can. Not one of my best week ends but I have booked for a quote for refurbishing the bathroom, done my paperwork , a minor bit of gardening before the recycle bin is due for collection, but still had to bypass the ironing to another day. Notice a snail as eaten my plant cuttings so disheartening after struggling to plant them, but that is nature. Well lots of tablets cause constipation, I eat fruit and find fruitjuice helps too, but the acid in the juice is not good for teeth or gout.Theres always a drawback. Hope Frank gets the laptop fixed and you enjoy the chat on here. One of my freinds has just lost her social life due to health problems, has to attend hospital three days a week, plus see consultant. Used to be fond of playing scrabble myself now I do Mahjong. But I recall past times, when like yourself I was unable to go out so maybe that's why I cram in what I can now. The suns out again today, so I need to catch up on shopping as there were no buses yesterday in my area. Speak to you again soon, take care. xx

Please pass on my best wishes to your friend and I hope the snail gets constipation lol .It looks like you have had quite a productive weekend yes let the ironing wait can I ask you Katie are you on oxygen and if so for how many hours per day .I hope you get a decent quote for your bathroom and that you are getting over any health issues you had this weekend and hope you managed to get your shopping done xxx

Time-to-drink i just had a laugh at your comments on snail, i got something to cure him while out today. :) :) Just one thing I cant open the packect due to my arthritis. Did my shopping after losing my mobile phone and having to detour to the 02 shop for a new sim , told me I needed my phone number and a photo id. When I got there I needed a passport or driving licence plus my bank card, plus mobile phone number. I don't use oxygen that is one problem I don't have up to now. But do use three inhalers and ongoing painkillers which tend to make me a bit slow. Hope your days going better than mine xxx

What a day you have had they certainly don't make it easy do they I think they make it as difficult as possible to stress people out or is that just the way my mind is working .I know what you mean about opening packets I have been fighting with new wrappings on my Mitrazapan tablets by the time I'd got it out was nearly time for the next one .im glad you not on oxygen long may it reign .I asked the doctor today about a referal to pain clinic but he wants rid of infections first and gave me another prescription for oramorph and Frank has to go over the surgery to sign for tramadol he wants me of them soon so do I but not until pain is dealt with .Tomorow I have appointment with psychiatrist I am a bit stressed about it says it all .I also have 3inhalers xxx

Good luck with your appointment today, I don't get my tramadol from drs now the chemist orders them and I sign when I pick up at chemist. Wish I could find another drug for pain. Mobile phone is still not working. What a waste of time going to the shop. Got a call from surgery just to finish a good day off, now I have to see Nurse for Asthma/ COPD test before I can get my inhalers again usual problems of getting an appointment, so not till the 19th. Plus see the dr sometime about other drugs. No wonder we are stressed out.xx

Thanks feeling very nervous about the appointment not been a good night shakes and low sats I need to get up and ready but I can't get them above 86 and that's in bed so fed up .what a nightmare with your phone my son having lots of problems with his .The doctor won't put tramadol on repeat I don't think it is that good but it's better than coedine that just did nothing .Hope you have enough inhalers for now must try to get myself sorted I'm so stressed out xxxx

Hope all went well yesterday. I eventually got my phone working ,by coincidence after making a complaints call :) Had to reinstall all my data though which takes ages still isn't complete but it kept me busy. Rather have a nicer busy than that wouldn't you?? Your stats are quite low so understand your concern. I have a lot of paperwork and phonecalls to make today so a light kind of busy. Take care xx

Oh no! You're have a really bad time at the moment? I bet you're wondering what is going to happen next. I hope your gp does refer you to a pain management clinic. I'm thinking of you and Frank.

I do hope he does because I really cannot go on like this it is unbearable not got a diagnosis when I was told I had gallstones I was quite relieved that a answer had been found but they are on the opposite side so it is not them

What exactly causes the pain, have you had a diagnosis ?

Dear Time2. I am thinking of you. Thank goodness you have your husband to be with you. He sounds very kind. I was going to ask the question maggiewhiteley asked above.

Thanks for your kind thoughts hope all is as well as it could be with you wish I did have a answer for what is causing the pain it is so frustrating not knowing and trying to cope with it on top of everything else it is a hard life and so scary at the moment

OMG, you certainly don't do things by half measures do you !! ?? But seriously ,your Doctor must pull his finger out and refer you to a Consultant asap. You just be expected to carry on like this,without knowing why your meds aren't able to at least keep the pain down...its been unacceptable for many days now. Please call your own Doctor tomorrow morning early and make an appointment.

Thank you I was going to say it's been a horrid weekend but it's been a abismal few months there doesn't seem to be any respite for me I have no idea what I can do to make it a bit easier .I stayed in bed till about 5 today shattered sweating and in pain as per usual I only got up because a friend of Frank's asked him to help with his laptop and he wouldn't leave me in bed by the time I had had a wash and changed my pjs my blood pressure was 140 and I had to sit on the bed for a rest ridiculous haven't done a thing for months now .What I am wondering is if I am resistant to abs how am I going to have rescue packs now and what will I do if I think I have a infection it is very difficult hope you are keeping reasonably well and are having decent day hope your sweats not to bad I don't suppose you have found a miracle cure for them lol it's day 5 for me on the evening primrose oil as yet no success but I am keeping trying them someone recommended St. John's wort I am going to google it and see what I can find out will let you know if any luck best wishes

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