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Fed Up

Good morning, a year ago I was in the hospital in a coma, since I have been out I am constantly fatigue, out of breath (I'm on oxygen) Cant walk a quarter mile without stopping for rest, I'm Bipolar, COPD, Asthma, I also am weak no strength, I'm not depressed and in the last three months, have become numb and tingling all over the body "arms, hands, legs, toes and feet. I have been to the ER a lot. and they say its depression in three minutes. I have had CAT Scans and MRI, with no avail

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I suffer with anxiety, rather badly, due to childhood abuse. I'm always told my anxiety is the cause, of my problem. My intial response is denial but I'm learning that it does play a role in my physical health.

I'm not suggesting it's the answer to your health problems but it might be and looking into that might give you some control over what's going on. This is merely my opinion and I have no insight to mental health besides my own experience.

But I really emphasis with your frustration. I don't know if this is any help but I wanted to respond.


Thank you and that is very kind!


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