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Thank you for all your kind messages about my visit to the hospice got back about 4.30. I have to say once again I had a panic attack leaving the house it seems to be getting worse not better .I was given a cd from McMillan with excercises told a bit about lungs and plumbed into there oxygen I honestly don't know how much longer I can cope like this my sats have been dropping all day between 70/80 i imagine it is the panic that is doing it one thing that hopefully may help is that the therapist is going to see about me having acupuncture for my sweats which are getting worse if that is possible she did say that sometimes medication can cause them but I got them before new Meds so am hopeful Frank went to a meeting for carers whilst I was there .Well now i have to get myself geared up to see the psychiatrist on Wednesday hopefully I will not get into such a state before I go there and they can do something to help me I am going to read my self help book by Claire weekes at bedtime and hope it helps The tramadol I got from the doctor worked better than the coedine along side the oramorph but I must say it spaced me out 😷

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  • So pleased you managed to get there. I know how hard going out can be.

  • Thanks yes it is a strain I used to love being out and about and then having a relax day at home seems like a lifetime ago do feel sorry for my husband I want him to have a life

  • I know exactly what you mean.

  • Tramadol does space you out but if it helps. People do seem to be trying to help so that's a good thing. Good luck with the book. Xxxx

  • Try to get to see a hypnotherapist if you can Margaret, just learning to relax would do you a power of good.

  • Thank you don it is a idea things surely can't stay like this

  • I suppose can't have it all lol hope I can get into book later when I get rid of this latest wave of pain honestly i am wringing wet with perspiration and the pain is relentless i wish there was answers xxx

  • The acupuncture may help with your pain helped my shoulder no end.

    Claire Weekes explains how to ride out the panic attacks, she has such a reassuring attitude.

    I hope you sleep well tonight....take care.

  • Thank you i will be having a read of it later and hope for good results would be great if the accupuncture helped both hope you have a relaxing evening

  • Well done for getting there, a small victory! Slowly you are getting help. Take care and you know where we are.

  • Thanks very much and I am very grateful to all of you

  • Glad to see things are at last in motion & well done for making it to the hospice in spite of everything. Interesting about the medication as when I was on high dose steroids for a few months, every afternoon about 3pm the overheating would start & I would feel wrung through - even the bottoms of my feet were sweating, yuk it was horrid, so I sympathise. At least you're beginning to get proper help now - glad the Tramadol is helping with the pain, you're obviously on the right combo. Stay strong & know that we're right behind you. Best wishes 🌻Xx

  • Thanks yes it is interesting about the medication and the overheating the doctors could give no answers other than it could be anxiety but like I said the therapist and the counsellor at the hospice said that for some it could be the Meds causing the sweats and because. Mine started before any new Meds introduced I am hoping I can be helped .The whole thing is really distressing isn't it seems unbelievable that one person could perspire so much then change to freezing take care xx

  • Hi well done for going. I think you are over thinking too much which is fueling your anxiety. Letting you get yourself geared up for Wednesday is looking too far ahead. Don't think about it and just try and live in the present as that's enough to cope with for the time being.

    Have a look at mindfulness which you find a lot about online.

  • I know i should not start thinking about Wednesday yet but my mind is hyper active. I think and I find it hard to des tress with everything that is happening I will look online

  • Yes I understand that but every time you start to stress about it try and distract yourself. That's hard at first but does get easier over time. The more you stress the more you feed into the anxiety so the more you stress. Its a vicious circle and you need to start working on breaking the pattern.

    Have you looked online for breathing exercises for anxiety? I think these would help you.

  • I have got a cd from the hospice which I am going to listen to and I will also do as you suggest and look on line and try to relax more lol best wishes

  • I used to have a really active washing machine mind all the time, which I began to train by saying a prayer first thing in the morning. The prayer was given me by some Bahai friends who knew it would help, but I'm sure something meaningful from another faith or none would be as effective.

    Each morning, I would try to say the prayer to myself without interruption. When a distracting thought came along, I stopped it by returning to the beginning of the prayer. At first I had so many interruptions I must have said the first few words twenty times. The prayer was in two sentences, and once I had made it through the first sentence, my next repeat starting point was the start of the second sentence.

    Over time, I was able to learn to pray the whole prayer through without many repeats. The effort started to help me control my thoughts. The prayer has also helped me by placing something other than myself at the centre of my thoughts at the start of the day. So the Bahais who gave it to me were right - it has helped me more than I can measure. I still say the prayer every morning, before I get up out of bed.

  • Thank you ergendi that is exactly how my mind is at the momment on a fast spin cycle which is spinning out of control there are so many things going on in my head it is hard to know where to start and I really do need a distraction from them although I am very worried about seeing the psychiatrist on Wednesday I am hoping that they may be able to help me come to terms with things and get some pleasure from life

  • Some peoples subconscious is at work and causing the pain even if you are not thinking about it. That happens to me ( anxiety causing IBS) a month before I go on holiday . I start thinking what have I been eating to cause this etc. -after about 5 days of it it twigs " oh I'm going away in a month" and my subconscious must have been working overtime. Then I take the Mebeverine until the holiday is over!!

  • I really wish the pain was my subconscious but I see what you mean I am laying in bed absolutley drenched in persperition I took my last lot of pain Meds at 3 I think they forgot to start to work I decided that I was going to get out of bed attempt a swill down and change of pjs but took sats and heart rate 124 laying down hubby just took my blood pressure 158/70 so st a loss what to do sure am fed up the docs gave me merbervine not sure why

  • It's for painful spasm in the colon but perhaps they are trying different things. Hope you find something soon. I had hypnotherapy for my ibs and it helped a lot but at AU$145 an hour hideously expensive!

  • That is very expensive good job it helped you they sure no what to charge don't they but I know if I could get this pain sorted I would find the cash by hook or by crook lol

  • So pleased you got to the hospice you are trying so hard you really do deserve some form of relief I hope you soon find out what is causing the sweats, surely someone somewhere will find an answer for you soon. Fingers crossed Margaret. Have a good night. X

  • Thank you I really hope that there are answers somewhere it would be so good if I get accupuncture and it does work on the sweats and freezing episodes I had my coat on and off that many times at the hospice that it tired me out lol and as knitter said it maybe also help with the pain I am finding the tramadol more effective than the coedine but i have found that if I don't take them at regular intervals then the pain just comes on I thought I would wait to see what happened but seems needs to be taken at regular intervals I was only given a weeks supply because they are a controlled drug and my husband had to sign for them at the surgery usually every thing sent to the chemist so it looks like will have to ring doctors weekly to request hope you have a peaceful night x

  • Hi I'm quite new to the site I tend to stay in the background mostly Sorry your feeling so poorly I get the sweats hot and cold a lot but discovered it's from my ears as I have menears disease I get repeat prescription for antibiotic drops I'm not saying that's the cause of your problem but thought I'd share my experience with you it maybe something you can have eliminated. It sure took me a long time to get it sorted out but now when the sweats start I pop my ear drops in and feel better almost immediately good luck hope you get it all sorted out

  • Welcome Rhiannon nice to hear from you I am glad you have found a solution to your sweats I hope that a solution can be found to mine my doctors seem to just put it down to anxiety and won't explore other options I am pining my hopes on the hospice arranging the accupuncture for me and it working

  • Where is the pain coming from?

  • Just under my left breast and to the side also some tightening under right breast it feels like i have the tightest band possible round me

  • That is such a frustrating condition for you to suffer.

  • It it's horrid if you read latest post you will see been to hospital and I am in agony

  • you made it there,that's a massive positive step, and the tramadol works,another positive so today is a better day. Perhaps the more you get out the less panicky you will be, because you know the trips are essential to your well being. Are you going to the hospice again, what did you do there? Did Frank get anything from his group?

  • Good afternoon Maggie the tramadol works better than the coedine but I need to take it along side the oramorph every 4 hours I went over time yesterday and the pain was excruciating doctor only gave me enough till Wednesday so will have to beg for more I thought I would see if the pain had gone lol thing is can only take 4 times a day so during night taking ibuprofen .I am going again on Friday had a talk about lungs given breathing excercises and touched on anxiety going to have more in depth talk about that also arrangements are being made for me to see about accupuncture to try to cure my sweats Frank seems to be a bit more enlightened by speaking about things and he is also going next week x

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