Well I am trying to calm myself down to leave the house and go to a meeting at Teesside hospice called being in charge I'm sat on the end of the bed trying to talk myself in to a calmer place the meeting is for 2.30 hours not sure I will be able to copes cared I'll make a fool of myself .Yesterday had to phone doctors because the pain was really unbearable she gave me a weeks supply of tramadol to take along side the oramorph and said stop coedine don't know what will happen when week up .The tramadol eased the pain but must admit it pretty much spaced me out along side the oramorph .I believe a few people have patches and was wondering if they would help me .Started on my self help book Frank got some evening primrose oil for me took some last night but still had the sweats will try again tonight hope all as well as can be will let you know how hospice went if I make it

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Sending positive thoughts your way.

Thank you I need all the positivity I can get

Hi Margaret

You sound like you are moving in the right direction today I admire you, I do hope you make your meeting today I am sure you will be so pleased with yourself for having made the effort just take your time. Look forward to hearing the outcome.Good Luck


Thank you it is just so hard to feel anything positive now like I said before I do admire your strength and hope you have got extra oxygen sorted .I am still sat on end of bed waiting for pain relief to kick in posting on this forum and hopefully making friends helps me deal with it a little so thanks again Margaret

I did get my oxygen thanks ordered Monday they came Tuesday I was impressed so plenty for the weekend if I happen to venture past the greenhouse. Take Care hope you get your outing and all goes well. 😊

Glad your oxygen been delivered Frank ordered my ambultary today because bank holiday on Monday and I have to go to see psychiatrist on Wednesday which is something else to stress over when will it end x

Hi yes you will make it positive thoughts will get you there

Take Care Margaret


Good morning Dorothy I just can't seem to pick myself up everything seems to be spiralling out of control I feel that I am going to have a breakdown and that I am beyond help but I really do appreciate all of you lovely people who are trying to help me take control please don't abandon me love Margaret

We won't abandon you xx

Hi t2d I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and I do hope you make it to your appointment, you have been through so much and I really hope you get the help you need to help you in every way needed 🌹. I will watch out to hear how you get on today good luck x

Hi thanks for your post I did go but afraid had a bit of a meltdown before I left home will post all about it feel so vunerable at the momment x

Hello Time_2_drink . We are thinking of you and please keep us updated as to how you are later. Take care. xx

Hi cas back about an hour ago after having panic before I left will post all about it xx

Thank you cas I'm going again on Friday for more therapy and they are arranging for me to have accupuncture at some point to help with the sweating I'm praying that it helps hope you doing ok xx

Is it the Claire Weekes book that you have....I read it a long time ago, and found it very useful. She is so calming , I remember her writing about jelly legs and identifying with that .

Please don't worry about making a fool of yourself.....nobody will judge you.

Thinking of you this afternoon......best wishes.

Hi yes it is the Claire weekend book I read a few pages last night will hopefully get into it again this evening I got back just over an hour ago I must admit to having a panic attack as I was leaving home thanks for your kindness Margaret

Hope all went well at the meeting xxx😊 Bernadette

Hi Bernadette just back about Hour ago I must admit I had a panic attack before I left the house i was given a cd of excercises from the McMillan group told a little about the working of lungs and touched on anxiety and breathing the therapist is going to speak to a doctor about getting me some acupuncture to. Help with the sweats she said it helps some people although it could be caused by Meds but mine started before I was put on anything diffrent so here's hoping she also advised taking paracetomal at bed time but I do anyway xxxMargaret

I am pleased it is going ok for you. Maybe now you may start to fee l better. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

Thanks Bernadette hope so because what is the alternative xxx

Because of my scoliosis, I take Tramadol 2 or 3 times a day - it does take some getting used to, but is worth it as it is a good pain killer. I have not noticed any side effects except when I need a pill, I feel really terrible - I guess that is addiction. At my age, being addicted isn't a problem.

Hi Betz I been prescribed 4times a day along with the oramorph it seems a lot better than the coedine but i took dose at 6.30 pain under control 11 . O'clock pain back with a vengenze have taken another along with the oramorph and ibuprofen just waiting for it all to kick in last night I did feel kind of spaced out but could be possibly the combination of Meds just hope I can get some sleep tonight because the longer awake the more time between pain killers it's a bit of a bind having to ask for them weekly though that is if gpgoing to keep me on it

Hi, just had a sudden thought , have you tried camomile tea as a relaxant at all ?xx

No I haven't but will get frank to get me some when he goes shopping it is worth a try xx

Hi Katie just trying a cup of calomine tea xx

hope it helps xx.

Hi Katie just back from a@e having another cup to see if it helps me relax xxx

Sending positive thoughts and a fat Welsh cwtch xx🐝

Thank you for your positivity and cuddle it all helps xx

Hi Margaret,

So sorry to hear you have had a really stressful time as well as having to deal with the pain. Hopefully you will get plenty of support from the hospice and McMillan.

You are in my thoughts Margaret and I hope you have a good nights sleep. Take care Linda xx

Hello linda thank you for your kind supportive words Unfortunatley today not been to good pain and sweating most of day would really like to post some good news I am not sure if I am getting another infection or if it is residue from last one today being bringing up thick green mucus hope it isn't because I just out of hospital with last one which was resistant to abs and unsure what to do xx

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