I have just had my annual check up and had sere tide removed and fostair added along with my regular spiriva. I had pneumonia last year and my number of chest infections has soared from 1 a year to 5 in the past year. This is quite depressing for me as I get so breathless with little or no effort. I'm overweight and have arthritis in my knees so excercise is a problem too. I feel that my chest infections are not completely cleared and that after a few weeks they flare again. Does anyone else have these problems?

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Hi I was getting infection after infection. Every time I stopped abs and steroids the infection would come back. I was referred to a resp consultant at hospital. He did tests and found out my immune system was very low I also had pneumonia last November even after having the pneumonia jag twice. I also have psoriatic arthritis. My resp consultant refered me to a immunolagy consultant she found that my vit d level was also low the level was 19. I was given two vaccinations. To build up my antibody deficiency I am waiting for the results of a blood test for that I was also put on Two different vit d tablets and Azithromycin. It may sound daft but exersice is the best thing for us I have been on 3 PR courses and at the moment I am doing a cardio exercise course. I do get breathless doing it but it is good to do it. I am clinically stage 2 COPD but my symptoms are stage 3 at the moment. Being breathless while doing things is normal for someone with COPD.

Thank you it's nice to know I'm not alone with this. I'm due to see my gp on Tuesday and will ask her if a referral to a respiratory consultant might help me. I have done a pulmonary respiratory excercise class over 18 months ago and it did help and I still do some of the excercises but feel it's better attending a class. Thanks again

Hi I have had my inhalers changed so many times ,I get cross because your not asked your told .Since coming of seretide im having one infection after another and for the last 18 months every time I cough mucus up it's green not had one clear one , nobody seems bothered so I am just left to get on with it 🤗🤗

I can't fault my new respiratory nurse she's listened to what I had to say and we agreed together that my medication needed changed. I understand entirely where your coming from as my previous nurse wasn't helpful at all as she never listened and at times I felt she was judging me as a previous smoker even although I had stopped years ago.

How interesting Newlands, I was just about to put in my tuppence worth and say that since I was taken off Seretide last July, I haven't had an infection and I had at least one a month the previous eight months. Maybe it wasn't that at all that has given me a respite. Who knows? This kinda proves that we really are all different. No doubt I'll get another round of horrors any time.

I agree - been better (less infections) since taken off Seretide & put on Symbicort instead. Think Seretide has been blamed for increased chances of pneumonia - I had about 6 bouts of Pneumonia in 4 years. We're all so individual though, that it's often difficult to pin it down to one thing. Let's hope that changing you from Seretide has a positive effect on your rate of infections. Fingers crossed 🤞🌻 xx

Well have only been on fostair for a couple of days and I seem to be a lot less breathless so it's wait and see if suppose

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