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Can anyone help with this new breed, or at least now more readily available breed of "milks" available

as we went through the challenge with orange when we went to a Pub and asked for an orange and then the bar person asked about 27 questions before we got to the type you actually wanted we appear to have hit the same challenge with "milk"

we have the obvious going from animal [or should I say mammal] milk like goat's or cow's to the either trendier. or maybe even more useful milks like nut "milks" or vegetable to rice "milks" - I am sure they are all good for something

I could be wrong and there is every likelihood that I will be with the surfeit of information but under certain circumstances, I was led to understand that Dairy Products were not the best of things to consume should breathing be a challenge

a few questions then

1. does this yummy creamy "Cashew Milk" I am drinking qualify as a liquid in terms of my liquid consumption for the day?

2. is it beneficial to my health or just something trendy?

3. is it a better alternative relative to my COPD rather than Cow's milk?

4. is cow's milk detrimental under certain conditions?

5. should I just drink it anyway because it taste's good?

any help appreciated

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Hazelnut is my favourite, don't know if it's 'healthier' but I know it tastes good. I read somewhere that cows/goats milk isn't good 'if you have problems with mucus'. To be honest I've read so much about different foods and drinks that I'm now well and truly confused - but I'd say if you enjoy it, keep drinking it. It certainly qualifies as a liquid and it doesn't contain caffeine - just check the sugar content if it's sweetened.


that's sounding good already Magpuss so many thanks for the feedback

one local supermarket is doing some good deals at £1.00 per litre on the nutty "milks" so felt it was well to ask the question as well as enjoying drinking them

will head for the hazelnut next and yes am going for the sugar free too




The good: They’re a great option both for vegans and the ~65% of the population who suffer from some form of lactose intolerance. Another bonus: They’re cholesterol and saturated fat free.

The not-so-good: Anyone with tree nut allergies, beware. Nut milks also have very little protein—far less than cow’s milk. Some varieties also have a lot of added sugars, salt, and thickeners, too.

Basically check the label.

Full article


what an excellent link Stone

and the content itself, so very informative: I will have to set up a day aside to find out all there is to know about the massive variety of non "milks" there are available

It sort of goes back to the alcohol-free lager: must be an age thing or maybe an absence of understanding, I perhaps just have limited ability; to me, Lager is an alcoholic drink. A drink that could be construed to taste something like lager, containing no alcohol, as far as I am concerned, is not larger.

A milky type of drink, made from cashews, banana or whatever, is not actually milk. For me personally, it is one of those trendy ways of making more money. Fortunately with this Cashew drink [I am sure there will be a name for it], not only does the drink contain Cashews, it also tastes like Cashews, it has benefits too, all too often these trendy ideas end up just being another way of making money.

Between the answers from you Stone, Magpuss above and Badbessie below there has been much constructive discussion.

Really then we are fortunate in being able to put to good use one of those trendy money making concepts that happen to benefit our health on the provision that we don't have any nut allergies.

I am sure there is a lot more that can be added by those knowledgeable on the subject of "milk like" drinks and their advantages.


It would appear that milk in relation to COPD affects us all in different ways. I drink at least a pint of full fat milk daily, fortified with full fat milk powder. I must be one of the lucky ones as this as no affect on mucus production with me at all. Stones reply gives a balanced view on the pros and cons of different milks available but in my case a number of the milks available would be of no benefit to me due to low protein and calcium content.

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Dairy food is not good as it causes inflammation and I checked out cashew milk once and it was full of sugar, or maybe that was almond milk :)


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