Air Filters in Vehicles

Hello Folks, We all know about the dangers of air pollution and the effect it has on our health. I'm on the front line as a truck driver but we do our best to minimise emissions with filters on the exhausts. I was recently diagnosed with COPD (serves me right :) ) but I've never smoked. During my investigation as to how I caught this I've discovered my employer has opted not to fit cabin air filters to my truck. The air I breathe comes straight from the exhaust of the vehicle in front. I've refused to drive the truck until a filter is fitted and my employer has suspended me.

So I advise anyone who drives (especially Mercedes Sprinters without air con) to google "Cabin/ Pollen air filters" Most of you will have them fitted. Make sure they are maintained and replaced regularly. A good filter will stop 95% of pollutants coming into your car/truck.

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Very interesting post Vidvid and l hope your employer sees sense. Such a simple thing that can save lives. Contact your MP maybe, who knows he might be interested especially with an election coming up. Xxxxx

Thank you for the advice sassy59. Contacted my MP who has asked the Transport Minister for a comment.

There is no legislation or standards regarding the fitting of filters or level of pollution inside vehicles. This includes all public transport,school buses etc.

Time for you all to write to your MPs...election time in the UK :)

I felt so sorry to hear about this Vidvid, surely this is a matter for a industrial tribunal, I wonder if the Citizens Advice could help you. Good luck

your employer is a DH.

:) I'd like to think it's just they are misinformed and ignorant. If you or anyone else know of research in the benefits of fitting these filters please let me know so I can educate them.

Sorry Vidvid i dont have a clue on air fillers. my car is new and has air con that is always on as i live in a hot country, but sometimes am cought up behind a car or lorry that can fill my car up with fumes so i always have something in the car to cover my nose.

now that i have copd i tend to be more careful on the times i use the car. so i fully understand how much it affects you.

i think if i was you, i would be looking for legal advice.

am sure your employer must be under some kind of obligation to help you if you are suffering.


Some reading for you.

The sprinter is one of the easiest to replace, open bonnet, the housing is on left hand side, press down and pull filter forward to remove , reverse to install less than a minute.

The research study.

thanks for the information. its got me thinking.

Thanks for the information. The more I can find the better my case will be. I was surprised to find there is no legislation requiring these filters to be fitted. But then there is no legislation requiring air filters to be fitted to protect the engine. My employer is adamant they will not fit filters to protect their employees.


Legislation only applies to exhaust emissions.

If there is no engine air filter or the filter is clogged it will effect fuel consumption, can cause damage to engine and may result in mot failure due to exhaust emissions. False economy.

Yes I agree which is why they are fitted to protect every engine.

My problem is I have to convince my employer that not fitting a cabin air filter is also a false economy.

My colleagues suffer from asthma,COPD, headaches,sore throats etc. leading to time off work.

My colleagues are not aware of the missing filters and I am not allowed to discuss this with them or I will be dismissed. :(

Putting that aside I just want to inform those people most vulnerable (ie members of this forum) to check they have these filters fitted to their vehicles and that they are regularly maintained.

Went back to work yesterday. I've bought my own filter. It takes twenty seconds to fit. No tools needed just put it in a slot. Employer refused to let me fit it as they consider it tampering with their vehicle. I refused to drive without a filter so they suspend me...again.

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