It never rains it gaming buckets down

Was hoping to have better day today ha just can't believe the luck or not we having .I woke from a doze last night checked my sats like I do 62 no oxygen coming through my husband had turned oxygen of instead of Internet wish it had stayed of .This morning we got knocked up someone has smashed the car window and stolen the in car camera why do they do these things

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  • Unbelievable. I am so sorry. Surely, surely things must get better for you? How utterly, utterly maddening.

    Love and hugs

    Kate xxx

  • Would think so it is like every day there is another problem just so tired of it xx

  • Oh that's truly terrible. Things must get better surely? Bless you and your hubby. Xxxx

  • Thanks sassy it is just becoming to much to cope with every where we turn another hurdle xxx

  • Hello Time_2_drink . I am so sorry. Sending gentle hugs. I really hope today will be a better day. xx 🌹

  • Thank you cas I think today will be a bed day my husband trying to sort out getting the car window done so I can go to the hospice tomorrow I think it will be better for him if I stay out of the way today I am going to read the self help book pam 1952 recommended to me xxx

  • I know the feeling abou t vandals last Friday evening someone fired air rifle through my new bay window it cost me £1200 it's thos gas filled glass ones ,the bang was horrendous and terrified me I had to calm down before I rang the Police one window completely shattered twvo uothers got bullet marks on them

    You take care


  • Oh Dorothy what on earth is going on in this world I can imagine how scared you where makes you want to throw the towel in at times Margaret xxx

  • I am so sorry you aren't having the best of luck,hopefully it will improve soon. I hope your day improves. Just please try to stay positive, I know its hard but remember you have friends here to give support. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Thank you Bernadette it seems everyday another obstacle why do people do these things what do they gain from it it is going to be a couple of hundred pound which we could do without I know I have support and it is appreciated at the momment I could just give up because it seems a waste of time pointless xxx

  • please don't give up,that's letting those awful disrespectful people win. You will get through this and you will start to feel so much better within yourself. Hold your head high and say you won't get the better of me. Good luck take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Once again thank you Bernadette I just am not in a good place and I'm afraid I have upset Frank by accusing him of turning oxygen of on purpose subconsciously i have told him I don't blame him but it upset him very much love Margaret xxx

  • Margaret anyone can make a mistake, but please don't upset yourself I am sure Frank understands. It's awful feeling the way you do,I can understand because a few years ago I felt the same. But with determination I finally got there, it took a long time and at times I still get into a panic. But I just shut myself away and relax. Hope this helps a little. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Thanks once again Bernadette really do appreciate your help,it is good to know that in time I may get through this I can't believe that someone would do what they did to car last night feels like the whole world is against me and everyday is another battle but for what end I don't know love Margaret xxx

  • That's what friends are for, will be here for you as long as you need😊 Bernadette

  • That is really good to hear Bernadette friendsare most welcome in my life xxxMargaret

  • It's nice to have new friends,I haven't got many now I don't go out. Really nice to have a good friend I can chat😊 Bernadette

  • Same here Bernadette so maybe we can pm sometime Margaret xxx

  • definitely xxx😊 Bernadette

  • I do so feel for you but things will get better. Blessings x

  • Thank you the only way is up I hope x

  • So sorry to hear of even more problems but as you say the only way is up. Someone smashed my daughters shop window the other week, there is CCTV in the town but the police said they didn't have time to go through it unless they knew what time it happened, like you say what is this world coming to. I hope you are feeling better by now and your car is mended ready for your hospice trip. Keep that chin up and the oxygen on. Love Rosabeth.

  • Sorry to hear about your daughters window it is just horrendous all this vandalism the police never came when Frank reported our car so they just get away with it .I am stressed out about the hospice visit just wish I could hide away .Had to phone doctors last night because the pain was unbearable and coupled with the sweats at a loss how to go on .The doctor gave me a weeks supply of tramadol to take along side the oramorph it helped the pain last night but spaced me out haven't a clue how I am going to carry on I hope things are not to bad for you at the momment love Margaret

  • Could be worse. Wish I could come and hold your hand on your visit to the hospice. It would be a bit of the blind leading the blind but we could find something to laugh at. I have two cats and one is such a character he makes me laugh but he Alison frightens me when he lands from nowhere on my lap, all 20lbs of him. The latest is he has learned how to turn on my tap for a drink but hasn't learned how to turn it off so we have to put a strong elastic band on it so he can't turn it on when we are out. The other day he came to me with a soaking wet head and on investigating the draining board was wet and he had obviously got a drink but when he let the tap go the band had turned it off, I am glad it worked as they are house cats and love sitting on the kitchen windowsill and I would feel mean if I had to shut them out of the kitchen when I go out, or to bed.i hope this tale has cheered you up a little. It's cold but sunny and I love the sun so I am going to try and potter in my greenhouse for ten minutes I think it's too cold for longer. You take care try to keep smiling love Rosabeth

  • Your cat sounds like he is Definitley a character and wow 20 pounds I bet that winds you when he lands yes I wish you could come with me enjoy your potter in the greenhouse time is marching on and so is my heart wish today was over with love Margaret

  • What part of the country do you live ?. Yes Cooper does wind you and he is so heavy I can't stand him on my chest as I can't breathe, he is not fat just big I think he is part Spanish mountain cat if not all he certainly has a wild streak. I will send you a photo of him and one of a Spanish mountain cat. I did get him in Spain and brought him back with me.

    Hope all is going well. Love Rosabeth

  • Evening rosaBeth I live in the north east Middlesbrough cooper certainly would wind you I suspect you are right and he is part mountain cat I bet he keeps you entertained Shame about the photo would have liked to see him I will look mountain catsup love Margaret

  • Blessed IPads should say also, not Alison.


  • Yep my post should have read flaming not gaming Margaret

  • There was no where to add photos. Greenhouse was too cold so washed my hair and had a shower instead. John will be cross when he gets back as I am shattered. Love R

  • You did well I have been having problems showering because of panic attacks of course it has to be done but I get so cold the opposite to my sweats I had one this morning then had to rest for a hour I have been to the hospice just got home I must admit I had a panic attack before I left home like a naughty child lol i am having a bit of a problem with my oxygen levels at the momment my sats are staying arondb70/80 don't know why I am laid back on the chair with my feet up I hope you have had a nice rest love Margaret

  • Glad you're back home. I don't have panic attacks but I did when I was on a particular med so I do understand what it can be like. I was terrified of water pouring over my head and I remember clinging to the door handle of our motor home sobbing that I was going to slip on the ice if I let go and the worst was when I had an MRI and they didn't give me a panic button, no music and I was screaming to be let out I brought on a mega asthma attack and I do still have a terrible time trying to control myself at the thought of having an M R.I.I have to syke myself up for days before and even then it's difficult. I have been afraid of heights and close spaces and do still panic if presented with either but I don't have these irrational unexpected panics now. I was on that med for four years.

    I have never warmed up today and am still shivery now I might have got warm had I had the energy to do some work but it's manana again. I have johns family visiting next week so must get the house up to scratch. Lunch is easy we have a top class chippy in our village. You didn't tell me where you live I am in a village on the east coast. Love Rosabeth

  • I'm sure the family are coming to visit you not the house which I'm sure is fine by the sound of it you understand what I am going through it sounds like you had a awful time I hope you are not coming down with something although I have the episodes with freezing and boiling just hope if I do get the accupuncture it will help me we used to caravan with a couple who lived in peterlee I do miss caravaning I have just had tramadol and oramorph I wish to god could get pain under control sounds a good plan the local chippy love Margaret xx

  • Didn't see your earlier reply till now. My first husbands Mum came from Durham so know the area quite well. Wish you were nearer but at least we have this site. If you have safari put in Spanish mountain cats and you should get the same photo I have if not try google. Love Rosabeth

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