Muscle pains

Does anyone else suffer with back of neck pain and around collar bone area above and below and towards shoulders? It's related to breathing as I wake up with pain, take my ventolin and symbicort and it releases until mid after take a couple of puffs of ventolin and it usually eases for an hour or so. Iv had ct scans and lots of spiros and the resp consultant has said I have mild inflammation and has discharged me so I don't have any further investigations but feel like this every single day since this started last sept/oct. would love to know if anyone else experiences this ?

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  • I do Tinkz, but I've got a degenerative disk in my neck and that's the reason for mine. Hope you get sorted. XXX

  • Thank you Pam 😊 ouch that sounds like it will cause a lot of pain. X

  • It's okay while it's stable, it's when it moves and starts pinching nerves! I don't bother with the doctors, it's straight off to the bone manipulator for me, lol. XXX

  • I do too. Not my collarbone but more the inside of my shoulder blade. Same place every day the moment I start moving a little faster I've walking the dog and need more air. I always blame it on muscular pain but I can't be sure. Due to see GP tomorrow and will mention it but I'm not expecting much X

  • Yeah I know Clare they never seem to have the answers, but hope you get some let me know how you go. Do you find inhalers (if you take them) ease it? It's so strange I take mine and it feels like it all loosens up and I can breath from my diagram more and the pain eases so much, ofcourse Iv mentioned this and never got an answer, I give up saying anything now 😕 Is you pain more in the back around the shoulder blades? Fingerd crossed you get some Answers and relief 🙂

  • Yes, the pain is around the shoulder blade but mainly on the right. I haven't worked out yet why the right side is so problematic compared with the left. My inhaler is a powder that takes an hour or so to take effect and the improvement, though helpful, is minimal. Part of my diagnosis is weak diaphragm/respiratory muscles. I don't think anything will change at my GP tomorrow but sometimes it just isn't in our best interest to grit our teeth and get on with it, is it?

  • I do Tinkz, Ive been back and forth to the doctor for weeks now one said it was intercostal muscles that were damaged because they were weak. Then another said it was an intercostal nerve trapped and my own Doctor seems to think its a joint so who knows? Its still sore weeks later but all they do is throw pain meds at me!

  • I do too, a couple of years before COPD was diagnosed I was told that it's a postural problem. Whatever it is - it's very painful.

  • Try acupuncture

  • I have been suffering this problem, when it first started it would come and go but now it is constant and seems to go from back up into head, down into back and across shoulders. Worse on l side. My gp said he Thinks it is arthritis and is sending me for a neck X-ray and took blood tests and told me to take 8 paracetamol a day. It is so painful that it wakes me up and worse when lying on down. Don't know where it came from but wish I had never gotten it.

  • I have what sounds like the same thing had it on and off for a few years, in Spain I was told it was arthritis but here they said not. I tried to see the doctor yesterday but no appointment for a week so saw the practice nurse she gave me extra strong ibuprofen jel and said keep taking paracetamol no better in a week see doctor, she said its badly inflamed and apply heat but no reason why I get this. I can't take ibuprofen as it doesn't mix with other meds I also wish I never got it as it's excruciating. Rosabeth

  • I know I am waking up with the pain. Still waiting for X-ray but I do find paracetamol helps. I also take oxycodone for pain and it doesn't touch it.

  • Last year I ended up in hospital through morphine. John could not wake me and it was a bad reaction I had only taken half the amount I was allowed. Then followed other pain killers as soon as I felt sleepy I had to stop them so it's paracetamol or nothing. I have got co codamol but just one knocks me out for the night and most of the morning they are a last resort as I dare not take them two nights running in case there is still enough in my system to frighten John to death again. Paracetamol takes the edge of but it's better to just sit until the worst is over at least my mind stays clear. There is always a bright side I get to read loads of books in the night while John gets some sleep, and it's easier for me when I don't have to move about. Sleep well all. Rosabeth

  • Thank you all for your replies

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