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Thought I would let you know what is happening now i had a visit from the OT about footstool. She was the lady who told frank to call the doctor when I went in hospital .Anyway when she got here I was in awful state with dreaded sweats and the pain under breast I told her that I would have been seeing hospital psychiatrist if I was still in today and that I had rung asking for help on Monday so she rang for me and found out that I have been given a appointment for Wednesday 3rd at noon as a outpatient I also told her that I had been took of community matrons books because was in hospital more than 72 hours I have been put back on but matron on leave so will be 12/5 I am absolutley drained but hopefully things will get better the Ot wanted frank to get the doctor but we explained he said couldn't do anything for the sweats and take oramorph for the pain

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Pleased to hear you are still under the matron which is good. Hope you will start to feel better very soon. It must be so hard for you, my heart goes out to you,I really wish I could do more than just chat. You take😊 Bernadette

Bernadette I really truly appreciate chat I just want to get these temperature issues sorted and help with pain but does not seem likely it is very hard to cope with xxx

please feel free to chat to me any time. I am sure that things will slowly get better for youxxx😊

Thank you Bernadette it's nice to chat hoping things will start to get better now I have appointment with psychiatrist I never thought there would be a day when I would need one xx

I do feel that, with help, things are slowly moving forward. I know you feel drained but you will improve. Love and hugs. Xxxx

Hope so I am so pleased that i took the step to call the psychiatry department and just need to get by head round going to appointment but I know face to face will be better and I will ask for strength on here xxx

Sending you hugs, love and strength and anything else you need. Hope things get better for you soon. xx

Thanks truly thank you for your kindness xx

Hope you start to feel better soon

Would be lovely today has been horrendous with the sweats and pain can only get better hopefully x

Little steps I know, but that way you're less likely to trip up!

Sassy's right - things are moving forward, even if it is slowly. The OT sounds good and that she's someone who's willing to get things done. Perhaps a slightly better day?? Sue xxx

Hoping for a bit of respite from the pain and sweats I praying that things will improve not just for my sake but for husband and son they are distraught and I feel bad for them xxx

Same here I feel more for family than myself ,let's hope things get a bit better for the lungers ha ha sounds like a choir keep singing hun X.

Yes it is hard on our family's and as much as try to think positive it is difficult to do so x

It seems that at last you have moved a few steps forward T2d - your OT sounds a gem & a 'doer' which will mean you can save some energy while she sorts some things out for you. Glad your back on Matron's list too. At last you're going in the right direction with the support you have & things can only get better from here. Hang in there, you're much stronger than you think 💪 to have coped as long as you have shows this. I wish you a peaceful night with some a few hours of restorative sleep 🌻Xx

Hope things do get better I am sat here in most horrendous pain and boiling I have had oramorph coedine and paracetamol I am at the end of my tether the hospital couldn't say wha is causing it but I can't take much more xxx

Wow what a difference a day makes!!! Small steps I know but at last it seems you are moving forward, am so pleased for you and although I know you still have an awful lot to cope with am sure even more now that days are going to get brighter for you, well done you! A day of positivity however small it's great and I for one feel uplifted for you xx

Thanks Ennyl I do hope things will change at he moment feeling pretty unwell the pain tonight has been horrendous coupled with the sweats we really don't know what to do really there is nothing we can do except pray for a better day tomorrow and for the strength to cope yes you are right there has been some positivity on Friday can't remember if I have mentioned it been invited to a course at Teessde hospice called being in charge it is 2/30 hours once a week for a month xx

That's excellent I bet you find the course really helpful also you may be able to find other help available, I know you have a way to go but today I feel you have turned the corner and small steps can lead to big changes, let's hope you can get help with sweats etc, tomorrow hopefully brings more for you, I can sense you must be feeling a little bit stronger than yesterday and hopefully your progress continues, please continue to fight for all help you need and your family must feel relieved a little that things seem to be moving forward a little stay posting we are all here for each other xx

Hope to be able to make tose although I am somewhat worried about going and what it will be like to be with others n oxygen ,I think all the confidence has been knocked out of me xxx

Good morning Time_2_drink, thats an improvement to a few days ago, at least you have the outpatient appointment and matron services back which should releive your worries a little, sorry it was not more for you. Hope the hospital can releive some of your worries next week.Every best Wish xx

Thanks I really hope so I feel like I am coming apart bit by bit xx

Have a good day today, I was busy yesterday . A meeting about my health care took a bit longer than expected, then I joined several freinds at the theatre for a variety show. Got back home about 6.30 pm. Rest day today xx

Sounds like you had a mixed day yesterday hope the variety show was enjoyable after your health care meeting which I hope went well for you enjoy your rest day and take it easy .I have to go to the hospice At 1oclock the thought of going and of leaving house stressing me out and the trouble we had yesterday with car being vandalised doesn't help. Had to phone doctors yesterday because pain became unbearable they have given me a weeks supply of tramadol to take alongside the oramorph and stopped the coedine last night it helped the pain after second dose but spaced me out its a no win situation enjoy your day xx

Hope all goes well at the hospice, sorry to hear the car was vandalised on top of everything else, never rains but what it pours. Tramadol is very good but the side effects are not good, I get memory lapses when I have to up the dose, but they do releive the breathing and pain xx

Thanks Katie will post about hospice later xx

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