Thank you for all your kindness to help me through my struggles I am sure you are sick of my posts by now but I don't know what else to do I have had my niece visit today I was still in bed was going to stay there all day but I got up and put clothes on .I have now got my brother and sister in law visiting I am finding it difficult they have been telling me about there granddaughters 18 party which I would have been at in diffrent circumstances and feeling so sad .I phoned the telephone counselling to tell them I am home and told no appointments life just passing by

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  • just to say people dont have to read your posts, but my penny worth is that most members are genuine caring for others.. specially when they feel you need help.

    talk as much as you need and want to 😚 xx

  • Thank you for that yes I do need help and I am grateful for all who offer x

  • We are here to help you and listen.

    Do talk when you need us

    Dorothy xx

  • Thank you Dorothy I am at a loss to know how to go forward xx

  • I agree if you want to talk then do it, nearly all of us on here care about each other and want to listen and support you. You post as much as you want. All we want is to be there for you. Take care and please remember to keep posting.😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Thanks I am really scared of being this way and don't want to live like this sat here really sweating I think it must be the anxiety just had my oramorph the oxygen is feeling like my enemy and I know it should not be this way I sometimes think I should be locked away and I know this is wrong

  • Hi Time sorry your feeling so down i no its hard to try and explain to people how you feel my son is on oramorph and it also makes him sweat feel clammy so it may not be just the anxiety but we are all here for you xxx

  • Thanks but I had these before the oramorph that would have been a answer thanks for support xxx

  • You may also get some help here:

    And they have a list of places to contact in a crisis:

  • Thank you

  • We are not sick of hearing from you its good that u are opening up to us on here that's what we are here for to listen to people and try to help we all need help at times

  • Thanks Donna like I say I do need to talk I phoned the counsellor who I was speaking to but no appointments really need to talk to the psychiatrist who I could have seen at hospital I know there are people on here who are on oxygen full time like me and are living a life would love to know how to be stronger xx

  • We are here for you and do care. Please keep talking and take one day at a time. Focus on today and then deal with tomorrow when it gets here. Coming to terms with any illness is difficult but you will get there and l do firmly believe that, l just need you to believe that too. Take care xxxx 😘

  • I want to believe you sassy so much because this is no life to live and if I am to have a life I need help and support and I having such anxiety which is crippling I would so love to feel calmer and not wringing wet with sweat you must be such a comfort to Pete and I hope that he is ok today x

  • Hello T2d, I've not been here much but I have been following your posts and thinking lots about you. I'm so sorry you're in such a dark place ☹️. It must be horrible.

    Try looking at things in a different way. When the body is in trouble and we're ill we can't do the things we'd normally do, the things we'd like to do. There are lots of different illnesses which stop people in their tracks. Literally. It's understandable but pointless to want to do what we used to do, to be stronger. We have to try to accept that we have to change for a while, while the body slowly recovers and gets better. It's good to try each day but if it's too soon then there can be pleasure in living life a little differently. Am I making any sense?

    Have you tried putting your chair by a window in the sunshine? Can you look at your garden? Can you see the birds and hear them singing? You've had family round which must have been nice, but would have been nicer if you could have heard all the gossip about the 18th birthday party instead of dwelling on your sadness because you weren't there. Listen to some favourite music. Sit with your husband and hold his hand. Can he make you smile or giggle? Can he read to you for a bit? Could you phone a friend up every day just for a short chat and to find out how they are?

    I'm going on much too much. What I'm meaning is let yourself accept the situation you're in at the moment and let yourself be the lovely person you are underneath all the worry, stress and panic.

    On the other hand you could decide this is too long to get your head round! Have a nap instead.

    Love, Sue x

  • Thanks sue. No you are not going on I appreciate you taking the time to help me the only book my hubby would read would be sci fi but I know what you mean I don't see friends now because my best friend now lives in turkey she has been in England for a 2 month holiday but Bly seen her twice she busy lady and my other friends where all to do with caravaning none local so you see I am a lonley lady everyone got there life to lead which is as it should be really but still sad x

  • I know what you mean!! So have a bit of a chat each day with someone on here who you feel a bit close to.

    Your life perhaps hasn't really changed then - you feel more aware of it because your life has become so much more limited recently?

    It can change again. . . . x

  • Hope so sue truthfully I do x

  • What did you used to do before you became poorly T2D? (My wife's name was Margaret, such a comforting name I always thought.) I've just read your latest post... caravanning, just like myself, friends everywhere but none near home!

  • Hi Don before Oxygen came into my life in December most of our spare time was taking up with caravaning we belong to caravan and camping club and most weekends would go to a rally meet up with people and make our own entertainment mostly we went without hookup only when big do did we have it made friends from all over though non local and would go abroad on plane though with a couple we met for last 14 years. So you see life is now so diffrent the caravan is just sitting in storage yard don't expect will ever get use of it now Best wishes Margaret

  • Time before i became ill i used to have 1930s cars and goto rallies but sadly no longer many people i met also belonged to caravan clubs but i dont really no any thing about caravaning could you write a blog for us tell us some of the places you went to some of the funny things that happened ect i no we would love to hear about it

  • That could be a idea for the future thank you

  • It's a crying shame you were discharged before seeing a psychiatrist. They're much more prepared than most GPs to prescribe anti-anxiety & sleeping meds. Our wonderful GP WAS willing to give these when my husband was very ill & suicidal. He stayed on them about a year & weaned off with the GP's help. You need this more thoughtful approach. Could you see a psychiatrist privately? You shouldn't have to, but you sound so desperate. It's not queue-jumping, as if you hadn't been discharged from hospital, you would've seen someone by now anyway. As for telephone counselling, opinion used to be that severely depressed people were in no state to benefit from it, & their anxiety needed proper treatment first. I'm sure it's only touted now because it's so cheap.

  • I agree telephone counselling not that good I am sure that I may have benefited from seeing someone well I hope I would have. .Tomorrow I may get a phone call from the lady I was yo see in hospital I apparently was to have seen her tomorrow and when I telephoned yesterday to ask for help I was told she not in till Wednesday and not sure if I can be seen now outbox hospital fingers crossed I can I am hoping if I can get help then the sweats will go and I will feel more comfortable

  • It's awful to feel so sad and feeling that being alone and letting the world go by is exactly what you want!!! But what you actually need is an entirely different thing, have you tried writing down all the sadness and worry you are feeling? Beleive me it helps it's like writing a letter to yourself and anyone who cares to read it, I feel your sadness in your posts and you feel so lonely about your life , I understand I really do and I also understand it's difficult talking to family as you know already that how your feeling and what your saying is going to hurt them and you feel also that nothing and no one can help you, but honestly that is not so, please try writing your thoughts fears anxiety all down on paper it releases your emotions and don't matter if the tears flow as it's all to you and you alone, keep this letter and remember all you have wrote, then starting tomorrow get yourself up washed dressed do your hair whatever you used to do even if your not seeing anyone or gong anywhere do it for yourself cos your so worth it, write down all that makes you smile then smile laugh forget what's troubling you, go through all your troubles and remember what you can't change accept it,and what you can't accept change it, sounds easy I know but gradually with help and all of us on this site you will smile again you will go out gain and you will welcome your family with smiles and laughter, we all have bad times remember your good times to get you through this awful black hole you feel you the sun will shine on you again and we shall all laugh with you and feel so blessed we know you, and sometime soon you will feel so glad you never gave up and you fought for your counselling and won, bless you I so wish I could take you by the hand and pull you back into brighter days, feel all of us hugging you and giving you all the strength you need we are here always for you never forget that xx

  • What a kind and thoughtful letter I have read it 3 times at the start of this illness I used to keep a journal of sorts filling excercise books with my ramblings and do forth I will read and re read this letter thank you x

  • Is a motorhome out of the question? Most sites have EHUs now which would keep your oxygen going once you got there and all your facilities are onboard. We never went to rallys though we belong to both clubs and I still do. But I know that many rallys are held where mains electric is available.

  • I think a motor home is out of reach would be great full for your knowledge of caravaning with oxygen sorry don't know if you n oxygen

  • My wife was on oxygen for while before she died, but that was 8 years ago now and there have been huge advances in what is available since then. The Caravan Club (now the Caravan and Motorhome Club) were a great help. For short trips the oxygen company delivered cylinders direct to the site as pre-arranged, small cylinders in the car saw us to the site. Towards the end of her life we stayed in log cabins and I just heaved her big clanging machine into the back of the car. People there were always happy to help me.

    I'm not very good at 'tea and sympathy' Margaret, but if there is the slightest chance of you getting that caravan going, or better still swapping it for a motorhome, I'll do anything I can to help. :-)

  • Thank you don appreciate all advice given

  • Post when you want, we may not be able to give answers but we will listen.I am sure there are people who read but do not post who say to themselves that's me! In sharing how you feel you may help others. So keep posting.....take care.

  • Hopfully if I can get through this I can begin to help others have to hope at least. Take care

  • Very true, there are very likely many, many more "flies on the wall" reading these posts than those taking an active part on the forum. I don't always have the time to post, especially at the ends of the month when I have all the bookkeeping to do.

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