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Well i have started woke up and said no more and for the first time i feel good about it .I have smoked now for 45 years and tried so many times to stop tried every thing so here i go again wish me luck ok its only 2 hours but its a start strange though my husband who has gone on for years about me needing to stop as not even noticed that the ash tray has go and i have not lite up so i am not even going to tell him lets see how long it takes him to notice lol well fingers crossed i can stay off the dam things wish me luck Eunice

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Congratulations! There is a quit site here on HU if you think it will help.

Thank you mrsmummy will look this up

Good luck to you. Xxx

Thank you sassy

You CAN do it. I used to be a heavy smoker of 55 years, came to an impass and said no more and that was that. I have not touched one since, been smoke free for a year now. It takes willpower, a lot of it, but can be done. Good luck, rooting for you.

Thank you 2greys i will need help just think this is the right time mind is set well done on a whole year thats great and look forward to being able to say the same on 25th April 2018 and thank you for your support

Morning Eunice, yes you are on the right track,I know you can you do it. Yes you will be tempted but hey say no it makes you feel so good. Good luck and remember you can do it, have a wonderful day. Remember we are all supporting you. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

Thank you Bernadette from to day i am not going to try and am going to do it thats how good i feel thank you for your support it really means a lot take care Eunice

You're welcome Eunice, I know how hard it can be. Like you I decided four years ago that I would never smoke again and I haven't,best thing I ever did. 😊 xx Bernadette

4 years well done looks like i have some catching up to do lol

I stopped at Christmas, really noticing the difference now, good luck it's perhaps the hardest thing you will ever do.

Thank you Badbessie

Sending positive thoughts your way. I truly hope you can stop. My daughter in law is stopping, problem is my son smokes so really difficult for her.

My husband does not smoke so thats good but my children and some of the gran children do i i have told them stay away they will not like me when i am angry lol

Good luck. Please let us know how you get on.

Thank you Kitten well i have to do it now after telling everyone on here lol if i dont i will have to go in to hiding lol

TopTip! Declare yours to be a non-smoking household and be very strict about it. Anyone you know well enough to invite into your home should care about you enough to observe your rules.

Eunice well done you

Thank you Teresaddd x

Good luck Eunice. I know how hard it is. One day at a time and reward yourself. Every cigarette you don't smoke is a bonus! I couldn't go cold turkey, so I used an for me. Take care. XXX

Thank you Pam i find the e-cig makes me sob i have 4 of them so back to the patches it is going to be very hard but nows the time take care Eunice xx

Well done dyson with that attitude I am sure you can do it like lots of us in the past has done, everyone is different some can do it easily and some not so, I think a positive attitude can only help.

take care

polly xx

Thank you Polly i have failed so many times over the years but today i woke up with very strong attitude so fingers crossed i no its going to be hard work but i Want to stop so much this time for me the other time i think its because others wanted me to so to make them happy i tried and failed not this time the only person i can let down is me

Well there are so many people on here to support you that must help.

take care

polly xx

it does Polly people on here are great

over two years now for me, smoking since i was a little boy. i stoped the day it sank in that now i really was killing myself. i knew that day i would never smoke again.

it is a bit of a fight, but its one you cant aford to lose.

Hi Hectors well done on you 2 years yes your right it is one i can not afford to lose

six years for me. it can be difficult, your head is telling you to have one and your body is screaming nooooo your killing us. listen to your body, it worked for me along with the patches, l had such wonderful dreams on them. good luck if l can do it anyone can, l don't even think about them now. :)

well done I did it with champix 11 years ago at first I thought what the hell have I done but so pleased I did you will get lots of support on hear.

The fact you want to give up will help a great deal good luck πŸ€

Hi onamission thanks for the support wow 11 years i did try champix 3 times didnt do it for me

no your right I was lucky and you know when I smell smoke it makes me feel sick and the only reason I chosen champix was because I could still smoke πŸ˜†.

just take one day at a time and just think of the money you will save they cost a fortune and when you have been smoke free for 6 months the drinks are on you.

ha ha ok drinks are on me that one is easy Tony as turned the garage into a bar so he can take me out any time so if you are every in bristol give us a shout

will do Bristol not that far from me

Good luck to you, I used Champix course of tablets through NHS husband and I gave up together we had failed so many times before but Champix helped us make it. Smoke free for 8 years now I think because we were monitored through our local clinic helped a watchful eye. But whatever works for you you sound determined and positive, you can do it. πŸ™‚

Thank you Efolump yes i am very determined and very positive well done on 8 years

Oh good luck! One day at a time, as they say


Thank misuse x

Well done dyson, and just look at the support you're getting. Post as often as you like if it helps, we'll all be glad to hear about your progress, and every hour, every minute even, without the cigs is an achievement.

Thank you o2 the support has been great

Hi dyson what you have done by stopping today is almost certainly the best decision you will have made in your life. It won't be plain sailing but with will power and support you can do it. I don't think I would be here and relatively well if I hadn't stopped a year ago


Thank you jimmy the support means a lot

I quit roughly 3 weeks ago. Then I slipped and had a few over Easter. Now I'm back at it. It's been 8 days now. I'm wearing the patch (14 mg) plus lozenges 2mg here and there - I'm distracting w TV series, words w friends and naps and I'm meditating w meditation apps on my IPhone. It isn't easy but it's doable. I'm already breathing better. Good Luck. Oh and I read Allen Carrs "Easy Way to quit smoking" again.

just ordered Allen carrs book read it before it helped a bit but dont think i was really ready then

It is just a great read and it keeps your eye on the ball - i think thats part of it - immersing ourselves in it........and also it changed the way I view cravings

Well done, keep going - it's worth it. Truly the best thing you can do although it won't be easy.

Good Luck

Hi Eunice.Please try and get your GP to prescribe CHAMPIX. I smoked for 55 years and like you,tried everything,including hypnotism.All to no avail.Then towards the end of 2010 I started a course of CHAMPIX. You would have to keep smoking during the first week then pick a day during the second week

They worked for me straight away. I have not had nor wanted a cigarette since.

Good luck

Well done, one day at a time from here on in.

Well done, keep going. Has he noticed yet?

ha ha yes he as but only because i asked him if some thing was missing off the table he said he had noticed but didnt want to say anying because it may put pressure on me lol xx

Hi there well done. I gave up smoking 28 years ago. But sometimes there are still days when I want a ciggie. Even though I think it would make me sick. My only advice to you is to take it one day at a time, if you happen to have a cigarette by accident! Do not consider that a failure, just start the next day a fresh. Also know your trigger points, i.e. When you would normally have a cigarette and then try to change your routine to avoid them.

Very good luck, stay strong


Thank you risabel it is hard even after 24hrs so i bow down to you with 28 years under your belt x

Well done. You will find that initially 95% of people around you will not notice & that may drive you mad to say something - DON'T. Just keep a low key with little outside pressure. By the time they do notice you will have a few miles under the new you. Keep going it will get easier, to the point that you will become a non smoker of real choice.


Good luck!! I haven't smoked for 8 months now and that's after 50 years of heavy smoking. If I can do it anyone can do it. It is hard but worth it in the long run.

Hi Dyson, hope it lasts. I stopped 17 years ago and sometimes still fancy an ciggie, that's how addictive they are. Good luck, keep going.

Try this...draw two columns..head the first column. "The reasons why cigarettes are so bad". Head the second column" what good are cigarettes doing for me"

I did this after 45 years of smoking , I quit 20 years ago ,never did find any good they were doing for me . Surprise!!

All the best with your efforts

I think you are right Eunice, if you are in the right mind set you are ready to stop. Don't tell your husband just see how long it is before he notices, it took my husband 3 days and then I had to tell him. Lozenges helped me. Good luck. Lilian xxxx

Good luck Eunice, I told myself that I didn't want one rather than I can't. Worked wonders for me X. Every time you have tried to give up has helped to bring you to this point , sounds like your ready and you don't want to smoke, congratulations ! Has your husband noticed yet lol? X

All I can say is best of luck and never give up hope. I smoked for 50 years, lost count of the number of times I gave up, longest was 6 months, but mostly between 2 - 7 days! But the last time was - - - the last time. 2 years 5 months and counting. It is literally never too late to make a difference, even if it's a small one.

I have never smoked so do not know what it would feel like to try and give up. Maybe this time you will be successful. Pray about it too! Keep thinking positively.

Hi Eunice! Just wondering how you're getting on with not smoking? Hoping it's going well for you as I left it too late and am now on oxygen overnight and for walking. So hang in there if you're struggling. Never give up giving up!!

Michelle x

Hi Michelle sorry to say i have failed and now trying to get my head round trying again hope you are as well as can be i have a bad cold at the mo xx

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