Worried for Critically ill dad who has to go into induced coma for the 2nd time

My dad is 69 and had a cough which turned out to be a lung infection. He's had asthma since his 40's and also Parkinson's for the last 10 years. They took X-rays and CT Scans and said his left lung was half the normal size and that the stomach had occupied the place of the half missing lung. They put him in an induced coma for 4 days and gave him viral, bacterial and fungal antibiotics and couldn't pinpoint exactly what the white specks/abscess in his lungs are. His 'waking up' period was relatively quick but he was still on the tube that went directly into his throat for a few days after waking up. After that they used the breathing mask put onto his mouth and nose and he was responding well to our voices. 2 days after that they got him on the breathing tube that went into his nose BUT the doctors decided to get him off his PD meds because of his hallucinations. His condition worsened this weekend. I am no expert on PD but I'm pretty sure his PD meds help with breathing too because PD affects muscle movement. His neck has stiffened to one side because he missed 16 PD med times. We insisted that they put him back on it and his respiratory rate went from 47 back to 33 like after he woke up from his induced coma. Now he's been in the ICU for 11 days and say nothing from the lungs is getting elsewhere in his body but his breathing hasn't improved and he's currently on 50% oxygen from the breathing mask machine. They are planning to put him in an induced coma one more time because none of the antibiotics are working but I'm so worried and scared that he won't wake up from his second induced coma.

Please help.

Thanks so much

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Dear Tuan, I'm so sorry to read about what is happening to your Dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you both at this awful time for you.

Thanks so much, Ergendl...

So Sorry your dad is so seriously ill, it must be so sad for you one of the hardest things in life is watching your loved one go down hill. Take one day at a time , take care and may peace be with you xx

Thank you, Katie.. I really appreciate your words at this low time in our lives.. Hoping Dadda doesn't suffer so much..

While in an induced coma he will be free of pain ect and sometimes that rest pulls them through, don't loose hope just yet xxx

That is so scary I was put in a coma for 3 days then had to have these horrible antibiotics which saved my life but also almost killed me I am still recovering and sometimes wonder if it would have better if I just passed on. Sometimes I just get tired of the constant battle. Your dad seems to be going through so much. I do hope he will get better. God bless.

hi Tuanmazlinna94, my heart goes out to you, my immune systems no working n I'm on oxygen to,,but wee have to do what might help us, as Katieoxo60 says if he s in an induced coma hen he will be free from pain , il say a prayer for you and il be thinking of you don't give up xx

Bless you it must be a really worrying time for you and the rest of the family. My thoughts and prayers are with you, not easy but try to stay strong for your Dad. Please remember we are here to support you in any way we can, even if you just need to let off steam. Thinking of you, let us know how your dad is.😊 xxx

Hi Tuan,

7 years ago I was put into an induced coma for close to a month and spent a total of 2 1/2 months in ICU so I am living proof that you never give up hope. Try and stay positive

Prayers for your dad... I know how you feel because I lost my dad and I was there...however, Jesus is there too he's holding your hand and comforting you...He is there with your dad also... I pray the Holy Spirit Will heal him and he will wake up and I pray this in Jesus Christ name...amen

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