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Borderline copd at 29!

I was told in 2015 that I had asthma and that I was borderline copd as my level was at 78 and under 70 means copd?? I had a severe asthma attack a couple of weeks back that landed me in hospital for6 days on oxygen ! I've been given the spiromax duoresp 8 times a day but I'm stil breathless and my peak flow hasn't improved ?

I'm new to all this as my asthma has went unmanaged since diagnosis


Jo x

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Hi Jo. Sorry, I don't understand your figures. Borderline COPD is a good diagnosis because it means you can take action and change your lifestyle to make sure it does not progress any faster than it would in someone who doesn't have COPD. If you smoke you would be well advised to stop. Take as much exercise as you can, eat well and follow your GP's advice and your COPD may never progress at all.


The good news is most copd sufferers die with copd rather than because of it. At such an early stage you have every chance of still living a long healthy life if you take control of it and have a healthy lifestyle.

Please don't google indiscriminately as you will scare yourself silly and stick to recognised sites such as this one and the NHS etc.


I suspect those figures refer to Fev1/FVC ratio - being under 70% does mean obstructed pattern but doesn't necessarily mean copd. Asthma is ruled out by reversibility test.

(Mild) COPD is diagnosed by a combination of spirometry, symptoms, history and discounting asthma. Definitive diagnosis is by HRCT scan.


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